Lady GaGa

10 October 2019

Last year, I was watching the show “So You Think You Can Dance” when Kat Dennings introduced a performer known as Lady GaGa. At this point, I was laughing because it sounded ridiculous. But as soon as she got into the performance, the whole ambiance was sensational. From her wacky, retro wardrobe and hair do, to her dancing, she was very unique. Her voice was like a mixture of Gwen Stefani and Amy Winehouse to me. As soon as I was done listening to her sing “Just Dance” on that show live, I immediately ran to the computer and found the song on iTunes. A few months later, after the song was old news to me, radio stations began to play it. When I had heard it hundreds of times, people were just dipping their toes into the pool of GaGa I had been doing laps in for weeks. This Easter, I was given her CD “The Fame” which didn’t fail to disappoint. Songs like Paparazzi, Beautiful Dirty Rich, The Fame, and Starstruck show the general obsession of the public to have their names on the screens of every television around the world. She slows it down with different songs like Brown Eyes and Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) which shows off her very different voice. The songs Paper Gangsta and Summerboy are very different and I love them! So overall, Lady GaGa, nine out of ten stars. Nine because some lyris are unneccesarily inappropriate, in songs, like LoveGame and Money Honey. But its still an album that all songs will be in your head!

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