Lance Armstrong Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Do you believe a professional jock should be punished for rip offing in an event that has already taken topographic point? This is the instance with professional cycler Lance Armstrong. He was found guilty of doping. or utilizing an illegal public presentation heightening drug. in the Tour de France. which is the biggest cycling race in all of professional cycling. He was justly stripped of his rubrics and Olympic decorations for the illegal utilizations of drugs such as EPO. Testosterone Enhancement. steroids. and other public presentation heightening drugs that are outlawed in the professional biking scene.

When partaking in a competition interrupting any regulation. no affair how large or how little. turns you into a deceiver. When a individual breaks a regulation unknowingly it is apprehensible. but when a individual. such as Lance Armstrong. wittingly breaks one of the biggest regulations in all of cycling. they should be punished and terrible action should be taken. Furthermore when it is a professional athletics the reverberations should be serious because at this phase it is non merely a athletics. but besides a occupation. The International Cycling Union took the right stairss by censoring Lance Armstrong for life every bit good as depriving him of his Tour de France rubrics. The International Olympic Community justly followed suit by depriving Armstrong of his Olympic Medals ( Hoslet ) . When viing in anything at a professional degree. the regulations of the competition should be upheld with the extreme regard. While it is a occupation. at this degree it should besides be a love of the rivals. Lance Armstrong forgot this and cared more for the wins and the celebrity and less for the love of the athletics. Armstrong cheated and what he got was what he deserved.

The lone thing worse than a deceiver is a prevaricator. Lance Armstrong lied on many occasions and denied any allegations of doping ( Hoslet ) . When a sport’s icon. every bit good as an American icon. is found guilty of non merely rip offing but besides lying it is heartbreaking. Armstrong was looked up to for his underdog run of triumphs. his personal appeal. his life altering Livestrong malignant neoplastic disease bar organisation. and now will be remembered as the biggest prevaricator in all of cycling. Lance Armstrong had lied since 2003 about alleged doping and has ne’er been found guilty until his confession in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in January 2013 ( Hodge B1-B3 ) . After he admitted to doping and lying in response to all of the allegations that had been made. the imperativeness blew up and Armstrong immediately became arguably the biggest prevaricator in all of professional athleticss. While it is sad to see an American underdog hold his life destroyed in a affair of hebdomads. what has happened needed to be done. Lance Armstrong lied to. non merely the organisations and people claiming he had taken public presentation heightening drugs. but besides all of his American protagonists.

Spear Armstrong was non the lone doper in the Bicycling Circuit. he was merely one of the first to acquire caught. The cycling circuit is at times a really soiled and rip offing community. There are many others merely like Lance that pot. The difference is Lance Armstrong was the Tour de France’s icon. their star. their prima biker. and the sport’s biggest Cinderella Story ( Gallagher ) . After combating malignant neoplastic disease. Lance came back and won seven Tour de France rubrics. when no 1 idea he could make it ( Hoslet ) . While he did make it illicitly and broke one of the biggest regulations in the athletics. at the clip he had denied any allegations of doping. Whenever he told his secret to the universe the athletics would lose its lead cycler. Lance was viing against many others who besides used public presentation heightening drugs. but he was the 1 to acquire caught. He was the success narrative of the coevals that would be found guilty and hold his life destroyed.

Spear Armstrong was an American athleticss hero. icon. and function theoretical account. He would contend against the odds and win the biggest rubric in his athletics seven times along with several Olympic decorations. It is heartbreaking for him to be found guilty of doping but in the terminal Lance Armstrong has gotten what he deserves. He is a prevaricator and a deceiver. and has unhappily had his life flipped from this incident. Spear lost the one thing most of import to him by going greedy and caring more for the celebrity and less for the love of the game.

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