Land Bridge Theory and Watercraft Migration Theory

1 January 2017

According to the Asian Migration Hypothesis in the text the Asians migrated to North America started approximately 30,000 years ago. Acosta’s theory was that Asians crossed through Beringia which is a huge subcontinent that used to exist 70,000 to 10,000 years ago due to the glaciers locking up massive amounts of water, which allowed for a lush treeless, grassland easily passable but separated by the Bering Straits today. Although Acosta’s theory is the most acknowledged today due to archeology, physical anthropology, DNA analysis, and linguistics other theories arose.

The Beringia Theory or commonly called the Land Bridge Theory was mostly composed of the artifacts from the Group of Asians known as the Clovis culture. The people of the Clovis culture were big game hunters that followed their game into North America across the land bridge; the problem with this theory is due to new carbon-dating methods showed that their migration was considerable later then thought. Due to this evidence it does not give them enough time to populate the entire hemisphere, so this supports an alternate theory of a coastal migration.

Land Bridge Theory and Watercraft Migration Theory Essay Example

The coastal migration know as the Watercraft Migration Theory was a better hypothesis due to the fact people could move down the coast by water much faster, and also have a better and more reliable source of food, such as animals from land and water and plants. There are multiple other theories with evidence to back them up but bottom line is no one will ever know what took place because we were never there and everyone will always have there ideas. References Faragher, John, M. , Buhle, Mary Jo, Czitrom, Daniel, and Armitage, Susan H. Out of Many: A History of the American People. 5th Edition. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 07458

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