Language & Immigration

4 April 2015
Role of native & English languages in assimilation & success of immigrants, education & literacy, community programs, theories & methods.

Unlike many other countries, the United States has never established an official language, although paradoxically, Founding Father John Jay in the Federalist Papers saw the English language as the tie that bound the federal structure together (McKay & Weinstein-Shr, 1993, Autumn, 1993, p. 400). Even current literacy requirements for naturalization and permanent residency in amnesty situations were a relatively late addition to the entry and naturalization standards of what was often called a nation of immigrants. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, alternating periods of nativist sentiment failed to swamp an underlying belief that immigration was tied to the cultural history and destiny of the United States.
Immigrants were welcomed for their willingness to work, if not for their culture, and low educational standards and the need…
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