Language Teaching Methodology

9 September 2016

One would expect that students who consistently perform well in the classroom (tests, quizes, etc. would also perform well on a standardized achievement test (0 – 100 with 100 indicating high achievement). A teacher decides to examine this hypothesis. At the end of the academic year, she computes a correlation between the students achievement test scores (she purposefully did not look at this data until after she submitted students grades) and the overall g. p. a. for each student computed over the entire year.

The data for her class are provided below. What does this statistic mean concerning the relationship between achievement test prformance and g. p. a.? 3. What percent of the variability is accounted for by the relationship between the two variables and what does this statistic mean? 4. What would be the slope and y-intercept for a regression line based on this data? 5. If a student scored a 93 on the achievement test, what would be their predicted G. P. A.? If they scored a 74? A 88?

Language Teaching Methodology Essay Example

A professor in the psychology department would like to determine whether there has been a significant change in grading practices over the years. It is known that the overall grade distribution for the department in 1985 had 14% As, 26% Bs, 31% Cs, 19% Ds and 10% Fs. A sample of n=200 psychology students from last semester produced the following grade distribution:for independent- online calculator

Research has demonstrated strong gender differences in teenagers approaches to dealing with mental health issues (Chandra & Minkovitz, 2006). In a typical study, eight-graders are asked to report their willingness to use mental health services in the event they were experiencing emotional or other mental health problems. Typical data for a sample of n=150 students are shown in the table. Do the data show a significant relationship between gender and willingness to seek mental health assistance?

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