Language used by celebrity chefs

6 June 2016

Furthermore, being a celebrity chef on television and the only (lead) character of one’s own cooking show means that every characteristic – speech, behaviour, race, and gender – is magnified and enlarged for all to see. The pressure of being in the media spotlight and consequently getting accepted by the mass audience is even more reason for celebrity chefs (and their show producers) to exaggerate their genders on television so that they successfully distance themselves from the opposite gender.

Thus, the core of the analysis in this discussion will centre on how celebrity chefs use language to achieve this effect, with specific focus on two chefs In “The F Word”, which stars Gordon Ramsay – a celebrity chef notorious for his very liberal swearing, insolence, and fiery temper on television – the letter “F” actually refers to food, but we are inevitably forced to think of the other “F word”, which is related to swearing and sex. It is extremely unlikely for a female chef to star in a show which has a (potentially) crude title like this. Regardless of whether we like or not, want it or not, celebrity chefs will continue to use language and other resources to construct well-defined gendered identities that we as viewers will easily accept as long as they are in line with our own gender beliefs.

Language used by celebrity chefs Essay Example

The inventions of modern day technology such as the TV have meant that English spoken language is as varied now as it has ever been; you only have to flick through the TV channels to discover the differences in the language a news reporter uses, compared to that of a chat show host. This also applies to different people talking about the same subject; this can be illustrated in the study of Jamie Oliver’s and Gordon Ramsay’s unique adaptations of spoken language to suit the audience and purpose of their different cooking shows. Jamie oliver: supports his laidback attitude

Target audience: 30 younger – slang and childish prhases

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