Larger Families Are Happier Families

11 November 2016

Individuals from large families are  well adjusted persons. Members of the expanded family are much more independent, and do not depend on other people . Related to this, they understand the real meaning of responsibility, that is, they grow in self-knowledge (their strengths and limitations) and realistic in self-confidence. They grow to be more mature more quickly. Most of out-going persons come from BIG FAMILIES , they’re much easier to get along with people, since they’re comfortable with being in the big crowd !

If their parents are away for works, the elders can help their father and mother by taking care of their youngs. They are being taught to look for one another , and assist when someone needs help . It is easy to search for help in a big family, because the members of a big family are much more helpful to compared to small families . This is because the length of availability in times for each members . Individuals from large families are PSYCHOLOGICALLY more balanced individuals instead of to compared to the individuals from.

Larger Families Are Happier Families Essay Example

Adults/Pre-adulthood children gives the best support to their youngers, no matter what befalls them in life the youngers will never be alone . Members of the large families learn to co-operate, sharing and be more understanding with one another . The reason is because they’re surrounded with LOVE . By its ups and downs, a home of large families is a happy place . They had fun together, they share the sheer of delights of being alive! Members of a large family learn to cooperate, sharing and be more understanding between the children and parents, big brothers and small sisters, big sisters and small brothers.

Children from large families, do not care about sharing their belongings to their family members . Since they have known their siblings and parents for a very long time . In large families, parents are mostly work hard to search for pennies because of the big instituition’s financial and future . While their parents are away, the older child can be the role model for the youngers, they can shows their youngers the good behaviour and what shouldn’t do.

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