Lasers: A Detailed History and Description

4 April 2015
Details the history and components of the laser.

This paper contains information about the construction and parts of a common laser. The paper also provides a detailed description of how the laser works and discusses some of the dangers and negative aspects of lasers. The paper also covers the different uses of the laser such as leisure use, business use, and home use. Lastly, future possibilities for the laser and how it can still benefit society with uses not yet explored are discussed.
” Lasers are high intensity beams of light emitted from a unit consisting of a flash bulb, a ruby, and opposing mirrors. Theodore Maiman first introduced these extremely strong light beams to the world in 1960. The beam emitted by the laser is very intense and can be damaging or harmful. Although harmful, lasers are also very useful tools for a wide array of tasks. Lasers are used for everything from eye surgery to leveling a ceiling. Lasers are an innovation that has withstood the test of time with people finding new and creative uses for this spectacular invention.”
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