Last Dance by That Rogue Romeo

7 July 2019

This song first caught my attention after being a Newsies fan for two years and I find out that an actor I’ve wished to meet has passed away due to cancer. The late actor was friends with this singer named above as the artist. His real name is Kevin Stea and the past actor’s name is Dominic Lucero. Moving on now.
After watching a video Kevin posted about what Dominic was like, I subscribed and received a notice saying that he posted a new music video. That video being Last dance of course. I listen to it, I love it, I teach myself the lyrics.
The reason I love it is because it has a thought- provoking feeling to it. The way I see it, it’s about this couple in a relationship that has them more physically committed than rather mentally and emotionally. One is trying to figure out if they should stay together while the other is just wanting to be in a relationship.
I’m still trying to figure the meaning all out. I may not be precise but it’s all I’ve got so far. This song has helped get through my rough days and helped me stay positive on my good days. I would say it a song that should never go unmissed.

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