Last Game of the Year

11 November 2018

The last game of the regular football season we played for a state playoff berth against our cross town rivals, the chieftains. The opening play from scrimmage, the chieftains rushed for a 69 yard touchdown and the following possession they rushed for another touchdown. Before we blinked the score was 14 to zero and by the time we got to the locker room for half time the score was 19-0.

The second quarter didn’t bring any better outcome. The end of the third quarter a player from our team got hurt and had to be taken to the hospital on a stretcher. During the time we were taking a knee to show respect for the injured player the chieftians did not take a knee. The chieftains should have shown some respect and taken a knee. In front of a standing room only crowd of 3,000 the town showed their true colors with the lack of respect for each team, they should have booed the chieftians for not taking a knee. Even though we live in the same town and played in the same youth league even on the same team in some cases. I would assume that would be more respect for each other.

Last Game of the Year Essay Example

In the middle in the fourth quarter as the rival running back was run out of bounds players on the bench starting to make comments at our players. A player on the their sideline was making comments at our middle linebacker; he was calling him a pussy and other things. One our linebacker would have destoyed this kid in a fight and on top of that he played the last 7 games of the season with a torn meniscus, so he definitely is not a pussy. I felt that again that the true colors of the town were shown, even though embarrassing us at home wasn’t enough of a victory for them. Talking trash when being up 41-0 seems very juvenile and downright disrespectful not only are you winning big but talking trash just adds insult to injury. Again this shows how strong the rivalry between the schools actually is.

I thought that it was friendly rivalry between cross town rivals not a: we have no respect for the other team rivalry. It’s not like we’re playing against a team from a different town who we don’t know who the players are, we are playing against kids who live in the same town as us. There should be more respect between the players of the team.

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