Late Registration

8 August 2019

Kanye West’s “Late Registration” is in line to be the best-selling album of the year. If anything, West is too modest, although he does have an ego. On “Late Registration,” he doesn’t just set out to create pop music. he wants to be pop music. West debuted last year with “The College Dropout,” which brought a young, struggling MC into what rap stars call “the game.” Despite all the success of “Dropout,” its follow-up makes that first attempt look like a rough draft. West has turned into a real MC, earning the right to flaunt and boast all he wants.

West’s style is unique, indulging his sentimental R-poetic side, his love for ’70s slow jams, his hard-core politics, and his love for the world. In this album he calls in the big dogs, with appearances by Jay-Z, Common, Brandy, Cam’Ron, and the Game. Each song has a different theme which makes the CD so good. When you first listen to it, you don’t want to skip or stop because you anticipate what he will say next. The overall style and lyrics are just amazing.

Late Registration Essay Example

Like the song “Jesus Walks” on his first album, West has an emotional stunner on “Late Registration” as well with “Hey Mama.” In this song West honors his mother for everything she has done for him. I think this is the best song on the CD. It definitely is one of the most appreciative songs anyone will ever hear, showing how much West’s mother means to him. He does not feel ashamed or embarrassed to sing about his mother, which, to me, shows the character of a true man.

I advise anyone interested in pop music to buy this CD.

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