Laughter Therapy an Effective Treatment Essay Sample

9 September 2017

1. This assignment contains TWO ( 2 ) undertakings that is set in the linguistic communication of the printed faculty for the class. Answer ALL.

2. Answer in English.

Laughter Therapy an Effective Treatment Essay Sample Essay Example

3. Download the linguistic communication version of the assignment templet concerned from the MyVLE for readying and entry of your assignment. Your assignment should be typed utilizing 12 point Times New Roman fount and 1. 5 line spacing.

4. Your assignment should be between 2500 to 3000 words excepting mentions. The figure of words should be shown at the terminal of your assignment. Do non copy the assignment inquiry and instructions to your reply.

5. You must subject your assignment TO YOUR FACE-TO-FACE TUTOR. You are advised to maintain a transcript of your submitted assignment for personal mention.

6. Your assignment must be submitted between 15th – 17th March 2013 or Tutorial 4. Submission after 17th March 2013 or Tutorial 4 will NOT be accepted.

7. Your assignment should be prepared separately. You should non copy another person’s assignment. You should besides non plagiarize another person’s work as your ain.


This assignment accounts for 30 % of the Markss for the class mentioned and shall be assessed based on the Rubrics or Answer Scheme.

You would be informed of the assignment grade before the Final Semester Examination commences.


Warning: The submitted assignment will automatically undergo a similarity cheque. If plagiarism is detected. Markss would be deducted as follows:

• Assignments with 10 – 30 % convergence with others: 20 % tax write-off from the entire Markss scored. • Assignments with 31 – 50 % convergence with others: 40 % tax write-off from the entire Markss scored. • Assignments with more than 50 % convergence with others: Zero grade would be given.


Public Speaking is the communication of cognition that is apprehensible. Through enlightening addresss. people are able to give others the benefit of their acquisition and expertness. For this assignment you are given two undertakings:

( a ) write an enlightening address ; and
( B ) show your address.


You are invited to give an enlightening address to a group of people. Pick a subject that is interesting to you. that you think will involvement your audience. OR you can pick any subject from given below.

1. “Eating Healthily With A Busy Lifestyle” .
2. “Laughter Therapy – An Effective Treatment” .
3. “Overcoming shyness” .

A. Written ASSIGNMENT ( 20 Marks )

1. You can compose utilizing the guidelines below:

Introduction: ( Show relevancy to the audience during this subdivision )

• Attention-getter: narrative. existent or rhetorical inquiry. quotation mark. surprising fact or statistic. etc. • Thesis statement: the chief point or thought of your address • Preview of Main Points: Preview your upcoming chief points

Be certain to transition swimmingly from attn-getter. to thesis & amp ; prevue of chief points. to the organic structure ( Main Point 1 ) . Continue to utilize passages to travel swimmingly from one point to the following and on to the decision.

• Main Point 1.
– Supporting Ideas/Subtopic of Main Point 1 ( a ) – Supporting Ideas/Subtopic of Main Point 1 ( B ) These are backed up by Supporting Material: definition. statistics. illustration. illustration/story. testimony. compare/contrast. Use vocal commendations when appropriate.

• Main Point 2.
– Supporting Ideas/Subtopic of Main Point 2 ( a ) – Supporting Ideas/Subtopic of Main Point 2 ( B ) These are backed up by Supporting Material: definition. statistics. illustration. illustration/story. testimony. compare/contrast. Use vocal commendations when appropriate.

1. Extra supporting thoughts
2. Extra supporting thoughts

• Main Point 3.
– Supporting Ideas/Subtopic of Main Point 3 ( a ) – Supporting Ideas/Subtopic of Main Point 3 ( B ) These are backed up by Supporting Material: definition. statistics. illustration. illustration/story. testimony. compare/contrast. Use vocal commendations when appropriate.

• Main Point 4.
– Supporting Ideas/Subtopic of Main Point 4 ( a ) – Supporting Ideas/Subtopic of Main Point 4 ( B ) These are backed up by Supporting Material: definition. statistics. illustration. illustration/story. testimony. compare/contrast. Use vocal commendations when appropriate.

• Summarize Main Points:
• Provide closing ( shuting statement. quotation mark. narrative. etc. ) :

• Note: Each point should be elaborated with important illustrations. You may add any other points deemed appropriate

2. Reminder: you must carry on research on chosen subject. and have at least 4 beginnings in your bibliography.


1. You need to fix 8 ( min ) -12 ( soap ) MS PowerPoint slides based on the content of your paper ( written assignment ) for a 8-10 minute talk ( unwritten presentation ) .

2. Use phrases instead than whole sentences to compose the text of your slides. Use numbered/bulleted lists to organize and present main/supporting thoughts on a given slide.

3. Make your slides visually interesting by utilizing suited colorss for the background and embedded symbols and images as appropriate.

4. You can fix a presentation slides utilizing the guidelines below:

Slide 0Self-Intro

Slide 0Title

Slide 1Introduction

Slide 2Introduction

Slide 3Main point 1 + illustrations

Slide 4 Main point 1 + illustrations

Slide 5Main point 2 + illustrations

Slide 6Main point 2 + illustrations

Slide 7Main point 3 + illustrations

Slide 8Main point 3 + illustrations

Slide 9Main point 4 + illustrations

Slide 10Main point 4 + illustrations

Slide 11Conclusions

[ Sum: 30 Markss ]

WRITTEN PAPER ( 20 Markss ) :

Assessment Criteria Descriptors Marks ( Marks Allotment ) Very Good to Excellent: Substantial and knowing development of assigned subject ; thoughts are relevant to topic ; thoughts suitably and interestingly selected ; thoughts logically and coherently stated ; supported and sequenced ; overall coherence achieved. 9-12 Average to Good: Some cognition of assigned subject ; equal scope of thoughts ; thoughts are largely relevant to topic but lack inside informations ; slackly organised but chief thoughts stand out ; limited CONTENT & A ; ORGANISATION support ; logical but uncomplete sequencing. ( 12 Markss ) Poor to Fair: 5-8 Limited cognition of the assigned subject ; thoughts are of small substance and inadequate ; thoughts are slightly baffled or disconnected ; lacks logical sequencing and development.

0-4 Very Good to Excellent: Very effectual usage of complex sentence construction ; sophisticated and effectual scope of vocabulary ; appropriate registry ; few grammatical mistakes. 7-8 Average to Good: Effective simple sentences ; equal scope of vocabulary ; several grammatical mistakes LANGUAGE but intending non obscured. 4-6 ( 8 Markss ) Poor to Fair: Major jobs in usage of simple sentences ; limited and insistent pick of vocabulary ; frequent grammatical mistakes doing ill-defined significance. 0-3 Entire Marks 20

1. Oral PRESENTATION ( 10 Markss ) :

Component Forms Tonss
Excellent presenter who presents thoughts coherently and clearly ; uses appropriate voice volume Effective Presenter and modulation ; uses suited lingual looks ; communicating is non at all affected by minor mistakes ; natural and no reading of prepared slides. 9-10 Satisfactory presenter who is able to show thoughts coherently and clearly most of the clip. Good Presenter uses acceptable voice volume and modulation ; uses some suited lingual looks ; communicating by and large non affected by mistakes ; some reading from prepared slides but non too7-8 obvious. Less than satisfactory presenter ; some thoughts are lost or confounding. utilizations inappropriate voice Fair Presenter volume ( excessively soft ) or modulation ; uses hapless lingual looks ; communicating sometimes affected by major mistakes ; some reading from prepared slides. 5-6 Poor Presenter Poor presenter with small or no communicating taking topographic point ; shows inability to execute undertaking ; can non react to audience ; incoherent and hapless usage of linguistic communication characteristics ; entire reading from 0-4 prepared slides. Entire Marks 10

TOTAL= 30 Markss


1. Mention to Module Topic 7 which discusses Group Interaction Skills for composing the address. You are advised to come up with your ain illustrations for each state of affairs mentioned. You could mention to Topics 8. 9 and 10 of your Module to steer you in composing the debut. organic structure and decision of the address. You could get down your address with citations. inquiries. life experience etc.

2. Search the Internet utilizing Google. Yahoo or any other suited hunt engine for more information on group interaction accomplishments. Use assorted combinations of the keywords taken from the notes given under each sub-heading in the assignment inquiry. Remember to beginning information from reputable web sites such as university or college sites.

3. Note the URL or web reference of utile web sites that you entree. Write down besides the writer and page rubric ( if available ) . and the day of the month you accessed the page so that you can include the information in your mentions page at the terminal of your paper.

4. Use a unvarying coloring material strategy for the background in your MS PowerPoint slides. Make certain that your text in the slides is non excessively long-winded. In other words. make non simply transcript and paste paragraphs or even whole sentences from your paper. Summarise and utilize numbered lists and/or bulleted lists to show your chief thoughts and back uping points. Remember that you are fixing the slides to speak about the thoughts contained in them. non to read continuously from the slides!

5. Use images and/or drawings to do your slides interesting but these in writing elements must be relevant to the content of your presentation. If you want to associate short picture cartridge holders to your presentation. make talk with your coach to see if it may be executable. You could mention to Topic 9 of your Module to fix the slides


1. Please assist the pupils construction both their paper and the MS PowerPoint presentation slides. Check to see that the headers and sub-headings of the address and the slide presentation organize a consistent whole.

2. Advice pupils on facets of content and administration every bit good as ( academic ) linguistic communication manner so that they are able to revise their work consequently.

3. When possible. assist pupils with accessing the Internet for relevant information that they can utilize in their address or presentation. Rede them about how they can avoid plagiarism when sourcing information i. e. by summarizing. rephrasing. citing. noticing on and documenting the information that they obtain from assorted beginnings. State them how to utilize the APA manner ( 6th ed. if available ) of documenting resources/references.

4. Examine/Mark pupil assignments and enter the several student’s Markss into the OMES.

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