Laura & Blood Simple

4 April 2015
Compares 1944 & 1984 works as examples of film noir style, psychology, use of time & place and characters.

Laura (1944) and Blood Simple (1984) were made forty years apart and yet derive much of their vitality from similar film conventions. At the same time, the two films are very different in their treatment of the generic conventions. Both could be classified loosely as crime films, with the older being a police-detective story and the newer a more freewheeling and more cynical rehashing of various crime film conventions. Both take their shape from the style known as film noir. This is more a style than a genre in that no one in the 1940s when the style developed was consciously making a film noir. The term was applied long after by French critics who noticed a stylistic shift in American films in that period. The impetus for this approach to telling a story can be seen to have developed from the general social attitudes and psychological intensities of the.

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