Law and Blowout Company

6 June 2016

1. The Blowout Company is a German corporation and manufacturer of the California Custom tire, a tire that is compatible with Harley Davidson motorcycles manufactured in the United States. Tofu Granola, a resident of Santa Cruz, California, purchased a pair of California Custom tires for his Harley. Granola purchased the tires from Goodstone Tires, Inc., a California corporation, at its store in Half Moon Bay, California. The Blowout Company and Goodstone provided assistance to their customers through maintenance of a toll-free hotline. Granola subsequently suffered severe injuries in an accident caused by the separation of the tread on the front tire of his Harley. If Granola files a lawsuit against Blowout in California state court, does the court have personal jurisdiction over Blowout? Why or why not?

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2. In what ways is the coverage of the CISG and the UCC similar? Different?

3. Compare and contrast public international law with private international law.

4. What are the similarities among the crimes and issues that generate universal jurisdiction? How are these different from all other issues that are not considered to be under universal jurisdiction?

5. In your opinion, do you believe that private corporations should be held liable in US Courts for human rights abuses committed overseas? Why or why not? Provide an example to illustrate your opinion.

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