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7 July 2017

Please find out if you are also required to provide your teacher with a hard copy. This assignment comprises FOUR questions that are based on some of the information covered in the first two weeks of the course. All questions must be answered. The lecture notes are on the portal in Weeks 1 and 2.

They include the following two topics: TOPIC 1 – The Australian Legal System * Establishment of the Commonwealth Parliament Division of power between Commonwealth and State parliaments interpretation of the Constitution TOPIC 2 – Sources of Law in Australia * Court Structure * Doctrine of Precedent * Interpreting statutes The question is worth a total of 10 marks. The maximum word limit is 750 words. * High Court Note: extra marks will NOT be given for additional information that exceeds the word limit.

Law Assi Essay Example

Marks may in fact be deducted. This assignment is not an essay; therefore, an introduction and conclusion are not necessary. You must, however, specifically answer the questions provided in a series f sentences and paragraphs. Cases that are referred to must be referenced in text with their complete citations: 129. This not a research assignment, therefore, you do not need a reference list. If you wish to refer to information in the lecture notes this can be referenced as: “FL – Lecture Notes 2013”.

If you copy the information directly from the lecture notes (or any other source) then the information must be included within “inverted commas” and the source(s) acknowledged. Please label your assignment with your name and student identification number. The South Australian parliament passed the Birdbrains Development Act 2012 authorizing the State government to build an entertainment complex at Birdbrains, an area of park land Just east of the city. Birdbrains is renowned for its natural habitats and is the home of the exotic Houseful bird, a rare southern parrot.

Birdbrains Park – East Adelaide In 2010 the Commonwealth government had entered into an agreement with various Asian Pacific countries to protect areas of park land from insensitive development. This agreement was called the International Convention for Environment Protection 010 and in the following year the Commonwealth parliament passed the Parks Preservation Act 2011. (Part of the Act is attached) In February 2012 the federal Minister for the Environment ordered that Birdbrains be listed for regulation under the Parks Preservation Act 2011.

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