Law Enforcement

1 January 2018

Once you are inside the field you will enjoy doing what you eve to best which is saving and protecting American Citizens from harm.

This field has to be something that you are willing to commit yourself to do at all time. References FBI. (n. D. ). Retrieved from website: http://www. FBI.

Law Enforcement Essay Example

Gob/ Harmon, E. D. (2001). The FBI (Crime, Justice and Punishment). Philadelphia, PA: Chelsea House Publishers. Wagner, H. (2007).

The federal bureau of investigation. New York: Infernos Publishing.Introduction What interested me about becoming an FBI agent is that it involves an extensive amount of traveling around the country, which allows me to visit different places; in addition to learning about different cultures and their government. Another thing that interests me about becoming an agent is that they investigate a variety of different cases from national security and federal law, criminal activity such as bank robberies , terrorism, missing children, organize crime and drug trafficking, which gives me a great deal of experience on investigating cases.Furthermore, becoming a FBI agent gives me the opportunity to gain knowledge about variety of different sectors within the law enforcements field. Historical Overview Today in America people don’t understand the importance of the Federal Bureau of investigation and how much off help they are. In 1892, most Americans who held positions within Law Enforcement didn’t take their Job as serious as they do now, due to the fact that they were more worried about being known to the public rather than solving crimes.

That later changed when Theodore Roosevelt became President. President Roosevelt along with appointed Attorney General Charles Bonaparte had put together and formed Bureau of Investigation special agent’s task force in 1908 (FBI). Once the Bureau of Investigation was established, they began investigating violation laws such as national banking, bankruptcy, naturalization, antitrust, peonage and fraud (FBI).By June 1910 the Bureau’s Jurisdictions had its first major expansion, which was also the year when the White Slave act was passed; The White Slave act allows the federal government the right to investigate criminals who evaded state laws but had no other federal violations and it became a crime to transport females across the state line for morally wrong purposes (FBI). By the sass’s new requirements were made. Prospective agents had to go through a training course, and agents had to be the age of twenty- five through thirty five (FBI).During the great depression in the United States crimes had gotten out of control, therefore the Department of Justice’s Investigator had issued their first Law Enforcement Bulletin, which later became the FBI Fugitives Wanted list (FBI).

On July 1, 1932, the Bureau of Investigation was renamed the United States of Investigation; A year later in July of 1933 the Department of Justice’s Investigator was changed to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).The FBI carried out investigations of all threats when they felt it was a threat to the National Security. By the time sass’s the FBI had stepped in on a Sabotage Investigation trying to capture four Germany men who placed explosive bombs on the beaches of Management, Long Island and Point Veda Beach in Florida (Wagner). They also were supposed to place explosive bombs in public for the next six weeks. George Dachas, one of the German agents who had turned himself in to the FBI and told the Germany’s plans of bombing some parts of U.S, because he was scared of going to prison for life in the United States (Wagner). He helped the FBI capture eight Germany Saboteurs and their case became one of the biggest cases in history, because they stopped Germany’s Saboteurs from returning (Wagner).

In the sass’s the Civil Rights Act was passed and the FBI got involved to stop the violence with the UK Klux Klan, the Black Panthers and other protesters (Wagner). They were to help solve murder cases that involved civil rights violations.Around the time in 1970 Director Kelley got involved to help the public trust in the FBI as well as in the law enforcement; he made numerous changes during his time and targeted the raining and selection of FBI and the law enforcement leaders, the procedures of investigation intelligence collection and the proportioning of criminal programs (FBI). During his term he made it a goal to have more women involved in the FBI. After Kelley resigned Judge William Webster took his place.While he was in office the FBI started to use laser technology to detect fingerprints on crimes scenes he also expanded the effort in the foreign counterintelligence, organized crime and white collar crime (FBI). In his time the FBI solved so many cases.

FBI laboratory helped the FBI find their criminals fingerprints on a crime scene. For decades Federal Bureau Investigations has spent years trying to protect the United Stated from terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, they were committed to their values and core beliefs.Primary Mission FBI Agents mission is to protect the United States citizen from terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to provide leadership and criminal Justice service to the federal Government, the international agencies and partners (Wagner). Their mission is to bring Justice to those who break the laws in the United States. Diversity of Jobs The FBI is a very diverse field to work in, because the people they employ come from different educational and career backgrounds.Such as lawyers, doctor, accountants, photographers, police officers, etc and their diversity continue to grow. African Americans and Hispanics make up twenty- five percent of FBI employees and women make up forty-five percent.

Jurisdictional Authority There are severely other important Federal Law Enforcement agencies, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the best known agency in the Federal Level. The FBI is involved on seven different types of investigation such as counterterrorism, uncial crimes, corruption investigation, and Civil Rights (Harmon).The FBI conducts investigation on groups that have hatred towards other races or genders, Foreign Counterintelligence, organized crime and narcotics, violent crimes like bank robbers and application for sensitive government positions. Hiring Requirements In order to become a Federal of Bureau Investigator there are several steps you have to go through. You must be a U. S citizen between the ages of twenty- three through thirty seven with a valid license, your eye sight must be 20/20 and 20/40 (Harmon).To get accepted in the FBI you have to pass the exam that’s given as well as do a background check.

As far a resume and reference they have to talk to your past employers as well as talk to your family, friends, and colleagues, this can take up to four months for the process to finish (Harmon). If you are accepted you will do 600 hours in training in 15 weeks at the FBI Academy Quantico, Virginia (Harmon). Where you will learn how to gather evidence, case investigation, they study behavior science, master in certain computers science and learn self-defense technique (Harmon).Trainers will also learn how to recognize firearms as well use them and they must become good enough to hit a target 50 yards away (Harmon). After training you will be assigned your first case if you qualified. Top three Greatest Challenges One of the top challenges the FBI deals with is working long hour shifts by spending numerous hours at work or staking out in vehicles. They spend long shift hours on cases trying to fugue the cause on why the incident happened or how can they stop the incident.

Another challenge would be traveling all over the United States trying to ether information about your case and how you prevent it from happening. The last challenge would be dedicating all your time to your Job and having to spend less time with your family, from being so involved with your case which takes up the majority of your time. Your Personal Critique I feel that the FBI would be a good field for me to help protect my country from any harm. I feel that working for the FBI is a very demanding Job, that you have to commit to and I’m a very dedicated and motivated person that likes challenges and love helping others.

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