Law & Industry in Nazi Germany

4 April 2015
Impact of relationship on state & party development, philosophy of National Socialism, role of govt., historical background, class conflict, constitution, racism, capital, labor.

It has been about a half century since the final collapse of Nazi Germany. A great deal has been documented in the historical record about the personalities and careers of the leaders of the Third Reich, the wartime victories and defeats, the cruelty of the Holocaust, and the conduct of the Allies in defeating the Nazis. But a great deal also remains clouded in philosophical controversies and mistaken assumptions. The model or ideal type of Nazi philosophy that has been espoused in scholarly and popular literature frequently is at odds with the realities of Nazi practice. This is especially true in the development of law, government and industry in the Third Reich. The ideal type of Nazi law and government–that of absolutist rule under a group or a single individual–tends to run counter to the actual workings of internal structures in Nazi Germany.
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