Law of Evidence

10 October 2016

The extra-judicial confession cannot be sole basis for recording the confession of the accused, if the other surrounding circumstances and the materials available on the record do not suggest his complicity; Chaya Kant Nayak v. State of Bihar, (1997) 2 Crimes 297 (Pat). An extra-judicial confession, if it is voluntary truthful, reliable and beyond reproach, is an efficacious piece of evidence to establish the guilt of the accused and it is not necessary that the evidence of extra-judicial confession should be corroborated on material facts; Laxman v.

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State of Rajasthan, (1997) 2 Crimes 125 (Raj). Where confession was not disclosed to the wife of deceased but it was disclosed to the police officer and was not corroborated, the extrajudicial confession is not reliable; Surinder Kumar v. State of Punjab, AIR 1999 SC 215. An extra-judicial confession by its very nature is rather a weak type of evidence and requires appreciation with a great deal of care and caution where an extra-judicial confession is surrounded by suspicious circumstances, its credibility becomes doubtful and it loses its importance.

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