Lazy Day

11 November 2016

Bake Sale Decorate cookies package in containers, each box the same and sell three different versions. Dress them up with ribbon, and seal the boxes to stay fresh! Mothers Day Gift Sale Expecting mothers, gifts for guys who don’t know what to buy, kids to pick something out. Candles, cupcake bouquet, bath stuff, gardening stuff, spa, smell goods, mani/pedi, etc. Gift Wrapping for Christmas Drop off gifts before mass, we wrap and they can pick them up after mass. Need someone to document and keep track of each order. (Service Hours)

Pie Sale “Life’s Easy as Pie” Raising money for Birth Right, Haven, or Children’s Shelter. Scratch and Pay Scratch Offs (DIY- so easy) What you Scratch is what you pay! No amount over $5. Recipe in a Jar Sale Everyone loves an easy, ready to make dessert! Can be gifted, or used as a sweet tooth night! Get Well Soon Boxes “Health in a Box” Fill with Travel size medicines, campbell chicken noodle soup, tissues, chapstick, shower vaporizer, tea, germ-X, funny movie, funny joke books, crossword, puzzles, band-aids, fuzzy socks, etc.

Lazy Day Essay Example

Host a Tea Party Annual Tea Party for all little girls! Dress Up, Have Tea Party, Finger Foods, and Can Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Disney Movies! Super “Sundae” Host a Sundae making party! Every topping you can think of! (Especially Weird ones) Could be a contest who can make the weirdest sundae and eat it! “It’s Poppin” Raffle with numbers in balloons, show winning numbers on board, everyone pops their balloon and whoever has the winning number! Tada! Prizes to be decided.

Drive- In Movie Night se parking lot as the drive-in, ask everyone to carpool Projection Screen- Ask everyone to donate white sheets(Bleach all of them, then staple to a wooden frame! Attach the projector onto a stand or build onto the frame. (CHRISTMAS MOVIE) cold weather! Serve snacks, drinks(hot cocoa), (servers can wear rollerblades) YAY! Service hours!

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