Leader and Manager

4 April 2017

Q, Explain how someone can be a manager but not a leader, a leader but not a manager, and both a manager and a leader? Answer: The discussion between management and leadership has been considerable for a number of years. Differentiation between leadership and management is important. There is difference between manager and leader but both are important. Manger has to manage which means to accomplish and to bring about, to conduct and to feel the responsibility. On the other hand, Leader leads by guiding, and influencing in a course, direction, opinion, and action.

The distinction between them is crucial (Warren Bennis 2000). In the light of this explanation we shall discuss how someone can become manager but not a leader, a leader but not a manger and both a manager and a leader? Manager but not a Leader: The term of manager is not the same for leader since the two terms are not the same. A manager must ensure the appropriate delivery of human resources and funding to meet the routine daily productivity objectives. The manager is known as detailed oriented.

Leader and Manager Essay Example

Mangers don not see the overall picture and are less interested regarding the long-term corporate goals and mission. They are worried about details; as a result, they do not make them a good leader. Some managers may have certain leadership qualities but they remain too focused on their daily operations and are unable to provide direction and vision to the organization. A manager plans, organizes, leads, and controls whereas a leader influence others through communication, motivation, discipline, direction and dynamics (William A.

Howatt, 2008). This explanation clears that someone can be a manager but not a leader. Leader but not a Manager: People who direct, guide and coordinate a group towards an objective and a goal are known as leaders. A leader motivates subordinates to achieve the goals set by the company. Leader shows the ways and lead the ways by example and exhibit an evident commitment to set goals, motivates subordinates for achievements.

Leadership qualities are inbuilt qualities and these are further developed though education and experience with certain qualities such as beliefs, values, skills, ethics and knowledge (Snell, 2008). On the other hand, the manager directs predetermined projects and goals. Managers are also involved in the hiring, scheduling and training of the employees to complete the work with efficiency and cost effectiveness. A leader is not involved in such activities; therefore, a person can be a leader but not a manager. Both a Manager and a Leader:

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