Leaders in the United States

4 April 2015
A examination of what makes a leader while using these characteristics to compare the current leaders in the United States.

This paper details the rulers of America today. The writer explores what makes a leader and then uses examples of current American leaders to illustrate those traits. The paper takes the reader on a tour of leadership roles by today’s societal standards. Leaders examined are Jesse Jackson, Bill Gates, George Bush and others.
The United States is considered by many to be a leader in the world. Other nations turn to the states for guidance and assistance. Being the leader is a burden that America has born nicely and lived up to the challenge. America is considered the strongest powerful nation in the world so it is easy to understand why it is a leader. The leader of America are also strong and powerful people. To be able to lead the most powerful nation in the world the leaders of the nation have to share some common traits.
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