5 May 2018

He teaches the new comer how to use the machine to make the order with patience. Also, the manager on the one hand give different clear directions to he different employees what they need to do, on the other hand he motivates employees to work fast but with same quality during peak periods.

Besides, even he is manager; he would express his real concern of his employees, which was not necessary in working environment. ” Are you k? Have you see the doctor? ‘ he asked when an employee was coughing.It is a case of leadership because there is an “interpersonal process” between one person and a group (Jackson and Parry, 2011) with shared responsibility and value. It is easy to find some kinds leadership in the case. Firstly, According to homepage of McDonald’s, their mission is to be the favorite place and way for every customer to eat with high quality food and superior service in a clean, welcoming environment every time ( McDonald’s. N. D.

Leadership Essay Example

). This clear mission and value make both manager and employees can work together to provide high quality service to customers.In this case, manager gives different clear directions to the different employees what they need to do during peak periods and coach the new employee shows that he focuses on production and quality that leadership behavior reflects a task-oriented style for the all members. And, it shows that manager uses the position power to influence others. Secondly, there is an obvious relationship be;en frontline manager and his subordinates, including cashiers and chiefs. And it is not only just working relationship, but also is similar to a family or a friendship.Of course, coaching the inexperience employee is one of frontline managers’ works.

But is there a need or must for him to teach with patience? Furthermore, is there a need or must for him to care about employees healthy? But this manager does so. His behavior can be classified as transformation leadership. A major characteristic that differentiates transformational leadership from other styles is the leaders efforts to engage followers’ self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-confidence (Shaman et al. , 1993). His supportive leadership makes the work pleasant for subordinates.Moreover, McDonald’s shows Individualized consideration which means paying attention to followers’ development needs Bass, 1999) with providing training and development at all levels to help them refine their skills, grow in their current position or transition to a new role in the company ( McDonald’s. N.

D. ). Lastly, when things went completely out of control (in the case is during the peak time), the managers exhibited a coaching style of leadership, directing the subordinate on how to achieve a specific goal, and showing both high directive and supportive behaviors.

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