5 May 2018

It means that, as far as a business is concerned, achieving an organizational objective can only be feasible when the organization is operated in the way that every single individual has the same sense of purpose and seeks the same goal through an appropriate leadership. This essay discusses the essence of leadership and analyses various leadership styles, in particular, the leadership style that enabled Abraham Lincoln to become such an effective leader in accordance with the framework offered by Darling and Left (2010).As mentioned above, leadership is based on a process where an individual has an impact on others to get them involved in a particular activity to direct them toward a desirable goal.

According to Politics (2003), there exist various leadership styles, including transformational and transactional leadership.Firstly, transformational leadership is a style that focuses on motivating a group of people to improve their confidence and capability of dealing with tasks, while transactional leadership tends to concentrate more on making followers aware of what they have to do in order to achieve the desirable outcome and providing followers With an appropriate reward in regard to their level of performance. In addition to the various leadership styles, to gain a better understanding of leadership, it is necessary to distinguish the similarities and differences between management and leadership.Darling and Left (2010) explain that there is no question that both leadership and management are equally crucial, regardless of the type of organization. However, Stateroom (2006) maintains that it is important to identify the distinctions between the two terms to avoid confusion and complexity that can be caused by the misconception of the two terms as the two terms are interchangeably used in all fields of business.According to Cotter (as cited in Stateroom, 2006) while leadership establishes the vision and direction, and encourages people to be able to embrace the vision, management is inclined to organize and control people as well as produce standards to be followed. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, who served from (1861-1865) could be considered as a connector in association with the leadership styles defined in Darling and Life’s (2010) framework.

Leadership Essay Example

It has been stated by Darling and Left (2010) that a leader with connector style is more likely to display compassion award the needs of others and try to identify the underlying purpose of someone’s behavior. Furthermore, the style primarily focuses on teamwork and shared beliefs as well as emotions and relationships. The reason why Lincoln is viewed as a connector is explicit. Lincoln was thoroughly concerned about relations with others. According to Cutout (2009), Lincoln tried to interact with people even with those who had opposite views to his.This statement indicates that Lincoln considered constructing interpersonal relationships as an essential prerequisite for unity. Moreover, Field (2011) lams that Lincoln preferred to use “we” rather than using the term “I” which shows Lincoln way of conveying moral beliefs and the importance of unity.

Another example is also mentioned by Cutout (2009) that Lincoln carefully listened to the voice of his cabinet regarding the best approach and timing to execute his decision about the emancipation of slaves.These examples mentioned show the characteristics of Lincoln leadership style as a connector and made Lincoln to become an effective leader. Abraham Lincoln was well considered and acknowledged by the public as an effective and successful leader. Dharma and Mishear (2001) assert that an effective leader, irrespective of their area, should be able to enhance the level of teamwork process, collaboration and motivation so that people become more capable of handling their tasks. Furthermore, Dharma & Mishear (2001 ) claim that there are two requisites of becoming an effective leader which are performance oriented and people oriented behavior.The statement indicates that leader effectiveness in terms of the ;o requisites is not only obtaining a specific goal and task but also caring about people. Lincoln’ great achievements have been identified by Field (201 1, p.

49)T Lincoln was an almost superhuman achievement in holding the union together, emancipating the slaves, and ultimately leading the North to victory”. The achievements and his concern for unity show that Lincoln fully satisfied the two requisites because, as a connector, Lincoln concentrated on relationships with others as well as completing his duties as president.It means that uncoil had an extraordinary capability of dealing with challenging tasks and protecting people. In conclusion, it has been suggested throughout this essay that the definition of leadership is getting people motivated to do their best and to work with the same purpose. Furthermore, there are also various leadership styles (transformational leadership and transactional leadership) that a leader employs according to circumstances. In addition to the nature of leadership, this essay has discussed the particular leadership style of Abraham Lincoln by referring to the framework provided by Darling and feel (2010).

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