Leadership Article Analysis and Critique

9 September 2016

TypographyLeadership Article Analysis and Critique Select an article on Leadership from the reference lists at the back of each of the chapters in the Northouse text. Articles selected must be dated 2000 to 2012 and related to the theories, models etc of leadership being discussed in the course. Articles should be available through Ryerson’s Library online database which can be accessed through Blackboard. Using the template starting on page 2 of this document analyze and provide a critique of the leadership article.

The submitted work should be a minimum of 5 pages but no longer than 6 pages using a font of 11 and double spaced Please ensure all submissions have a cover page with your name and student number as well as the course name and section. Using the attached template below analyze and critique the selected article and submit your paper via Turnitin. com at by the end of week 4. Analysis and Critique of Leadership Article Part A. Context (two marks) • Identify the article (full reference) and provide a brief description of the overall focus of the article

Leadership Article Analysis and Critique Essay Example

Part B. Critique 1. What is the main thesis/concept expressed in the reading? (one mark) 2. What are the main conclusions/arguments presented by the author(s)? (one mark) 3. What are some new or deeper insights you have gained? (one mark) 4. What questions did the reading raise for you? (one mark) 5. What assumptions does the author make? Are they justified? Why or why not? (four marks) 6. Which thoughts/concepts would you challenge and why? (two marks) 7. What are the implications of the concepts and perspectives raised for leadership in general? (two marks)

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