5 May 2018

Leadership is different or every person and therefore can never be fully understood or defined. Good leadership takes the pandemonium and changes it into something that can be directed toward a common goal. Leaders cannot have every strength in the book, but have to be able to harness their strengths to influence other. After being in the military for three years you learn a lot about how to become a leader. Sometimes you can rise to the occasion, people looking at you to lead the way, other times you’re trying to figure out things ahead of time, for what best fits the company.

I have seen great leaders and very poor traders. A lot of the time you get leaders that don’t really lead, they just tell you to do something and that’s leading, to them. Do not agree with that at all. I see leadership as influencing others to complete a goal, not because that have, but because they want to. Good leadership should make any person feel good about what they’re doing, even if they don’t like what they’re doing. I would say that leadership is easier one than said. Sometimes you can’t always right exactly what something is.

Leadership Essay Example

It have to be defined through actions and attitude.Self-Evaluation/Self;Assessment Summary After taking the AMBIT, reading about the Big 5 and emotional intelligence I have discovered what strengths and weaknesses I have potentially have as a leader. The AMBIT told me a lot about my personality. Even when I say know myself pretty well, this assessment brought out so more interesting ways to look at it. For instance, knew that I could effectively communicate what I am thinking to a certain person or people, but I never thought about it as being an ability as being able to read people with a super natural ability.I read that thinking, “Wow that’s really cool”. So as the course went I took things such as, adding people, to whole new light.

I started focusing on the strengths that I had instead trying to become a person with every strength. Was really impressed with the way the AMBIT suggested areas of interest that I should be involved in. It proved the accuracy of this test. Out of the seven it provided me with, I have already chosen three of those, law, computer science, and photography. It reminded me that I am not limited to these three things but could go into many other careers based of my test summary.Emotional intelligence defines self-control as self-regulation, the capability to use your behavior appropriately, in any situation (Yuk, 2002, p. 151).

This is something that have really never been able to do. I discovered however, in certain situations, acting appropriately is no problem, ifs in all the situations where I have problems. But I believe that with time and effort this can be changed and improved. Although didn’t like looking at some of the weaknesses I have, since then, I believe that have improved them significantly.Before, disliking regular routine work is a definite blind spot of mine. As a good leader you must be able to do the routine things. When trying to strengthen this knees I have learned that routine task as just as important as another one.

Without these task being completed others can begin to fail. ;Emotionally intelligent people are more capable of figuring out more difficult problems and do them in a timely manner (Yuk, 2002, p. 152). After reading this from the text, see myself as an emotional intelligent person. When I but my mind to anything can figure it out.Though, it may take time and lots of effort I can figure it out. I have found that during this course have become more determined to solve difficult problem.

To be honest couldn’t tell you why. Maybe I’m out to prove something or to prove to myself that I am emotionally intelligent and a good leader. Area of Interest from this Course Out of this course there have been many areas that interest me. Three of these have had a huge impact on leadership style the most. These include the Contingency Theory, Self-Efficacy, and Servant Leadership.They have help me discover and train myself to have a better leadership style and philosophy. Contingency Theory describes how leaders act in certain situations, either descriptively or prescriptively (Yuk, 2002, P.

19). This theory applies to me by owe I behave in situations. As stated early acting correctly is a weakness of mine. At first wasn’t sure how to apply this to my leadership style. But over time and study the material have a much better understanding of how It impacts me. Acting descriptively and prescriptively is the key to behaving appropriately.It something that has to take place at the same time.

By being a descriptive leader it can explain why you acting the way you acting in a situation. I applied this by studying the way act and the outcome. It showed me how should and shouldn’t act. Self-efficacy is another theory that has ally affected me. A self-efficient person is describe as someone who is competent and able to achieve difficult objectives (Yuk, 2002, P. 31 3). As a leader I believe have a low self-efficacy.

As look at my leadership style, often times I am unconfined about what I am doing.Although may be able to achieve the task at hand, “There’s no way I can do that” repeatedly comes to mind. Only if I would try I would find that there many things that I can complete if work hard. Since reviewing this theory I have improved my leader style greatly. I’ve shown myself that I can do all things as long as I put my mind to it. Fill have the skill why wouldn’t the task attainable. Not only have I struggled, so has some of my team.

By delegating, I can help build the team and improve their self-efficacy. This is something I will continue to work on though out my leadership career.Servant Leadership is the final area that has really affect me. The text explains this as a desire to help others to achieve a task (Yuk, 2002, P. 348). I see myself as a servant more than anything else. We are here to serve.

In my own biblical principles Jesus, came back to wash people’s feet, even though he was God. In John 13:1-17 you Jesus come to wash his disciple’s feet. Jesus put himself on the same level as his followers. As a good leader we must be able to but ourselves on the same level as our follower.A servant leader attends to the needs of their follower and helps promote healthier, wiser, and wiliness to complete a task (Yuk, 2002, P. 349) Integration and Conclusion/Summary My philosophy is that as leaders we need to serve our team. We must understand exactly what is needed by using skills that we have learned.

Emotional intelligence is vital to becoming a great leader. As a leader we use this to know how to solve problems in any situation. I believe by being an motional intelligent person I have taken one giant step toward being a great leader. Loud say that my leadership style comes down to communication. This allows me to tell my team exactly what is expected of them and what the goal is. In the M TAB it suggested that have a “super natural ability or communicating a vision. ” I have conclude that leaders must be able to communicate, above all.

Every task or directions is built from communication. Without it followers have no idea where to go. I would want to be known for being a follower. A good follower makes an effective leader, in turn, becoming both a leader and a follower.

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