Leadership Philosophy Paper

1 January 2017

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office. ” Dwight D. Eisenhower What are leaders without followers? Are they ordinary men? Are they wise men with useless knowledge? As society progressed they have concluded that good leaders are made and not born. Although I argue that and I believe that men in general are born with the capabilities to become great leaders. It is the education and act of developing integrity, morals, ethics, and the knowledge of one’s self that makes leaders.

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A great leader can inspire many with the knowledge they acquire throughout their life. I believe leadership comes from wisdom, and without knowledge wisdom cannot be born, without education, life lessons, morals, ethics, values, and beliefs knowledge cannot be gained, and without knowledge one cannot lead. If you want to be a great leader you have to believe in yourself. Showing stern and strong self-understanding of yourself reflects how others view you. You must know how to reach your followers by showing and knowing how to react to their emotions.

Learn to communicate well and be an active listener is key in moving people towards yours cause. Communication can be directed verbally or through our actions. If your followers see you set an example and take risk in what your selling them, then they too will be willing to step up for the cause. No one is willing to do something that the person they believe in or inspired by is not willing to do for themselves. Leaders gain followers when they are able to gain respect and have a clear motivated vision of what they see in their future.

There are many key issues when it comes to being a productive, positive leader. Most important is to know yourself and to always seek self-improvement. It was while studying the 5 Percenter’s way of life that I found a vision of inspiration in my path to leadership. They broke it down like this; 85% of the population are blind and can’t see the truth or a way out to self-help, 10% of the population know the way, yet don’t take on the duty of showing the 85%, however the poor righteous teachers, the 5 percenter’s not only know the way, they go out and participate to help other’s find the way.

Their beliefs and values have inspired me to get motivated and find a way to reach out to others and help them in their struggle. A lot of 5 percenters believe in the Qur’an and are born again Muslim’s. However I have yet to go that in depth with the teachings. Prior to this class I have had the great opportunity to take a Leadership Skills class provided through Ashland University. I find the more lessons I get involved with the more understanding and courage I gain to take the proper steps in to providing my leadership capabilities.

Throughout this class I have learned and seen various concepts of the leadership and follower roles. Knowing the differences between being a leader vs. boss or management attributes and what people see in leaders. Everyone has a different view on what inspired them to view someone as a leader, even if it is the same leader that two people are looking at. The main drive of it all is that someone seen and believed in ones values and integrity within them and their cause. Followers look for leaders who possess good character traits.

Examples: Honesty, competence, commitment, integrity, courage, straightforwardness and imagination. When we all presented our versatile choice of people we have chosen to do our class projects on our past and present leaders and interview leaders we now have made this statement true. I don’t believe any out of the 9 students held the same point of interest in why we chose that specific person. The core, heart of it, is that we were inspired by their actions that were based on their beliefs and values.

President John Quincy Adams once said “ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ” Through my studies I have realized that a leader has to be a Visionary, Educator, Innovator, Motivator, communicator, facilitator, and advisor. It was with the trials and tribulations that great leaders were born. It is the men and women who have overcame failure that has achieved greatness. Abraham Lincoln failed at business which resulted to a nervous breakdown; he overcame his struggle and became the President of the United States.

Nelson Mandela was convicted and imprisoned for 27 years only to come out and lead a Nation to a fully representative democratic election. In 1978 Michael Jordan was cut from the varsity team as a sophomore at Laney High School in Wilmington, N. C. Leaders don’t make excuses; they don’t let bad times become a roadblock. Leaders make failure a motivator for opportunities to achieve their goals and ambitions. Where ordinary men see trouble, great men find success. It is then, at that point a leader is born.

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