Leadership practices

6 June 2017

The same situation applies to Technical know-how, I generally understand the technical know-how of my Job and maybe not clear with Just a few policies and procedures because I haven’t had the chance to deal with them. The interpersonal competence need to be developed further as I have not developed anything in that area in the business sense and some of the skills have been acquired in social groups such as the church. The Social-emotional competence also scored quite high which is really a true reflection as I am a person who is really concerned about emotional and wellbeing of the people where work is involved.

The anagerial and entrepreneurial competences had average scores which are actually true, maybe because I am not really in a managerial level at work and I do believe that more need to be developed in this area. The intellectual competence had the lowest percentage score of 40% and I also do believe that I need the chance to develop and show my intellectual skills. B. The Managerial competence scored 50% which is Just an average value. According to Daft (2008, p. 15) Management focuses on establishing detailed plans and schedules for achieving specific results. This has similar characteristics to quadrant C of the whole brain model.

Leadership practices Essay Example

What is whole brain thinking) shows that a person who has quadrant B (green) dominance has the following characteristics: organised, sequential, planned and detailed. The managerial competence has similar characteristics with the quadrant B and these two score sheets gave similar results. They showed average competence as a manager and the need to improve in this area. The inter-personal competence gives an average percentage which also when compared to the whole brain, the quadrant C (Red) is also has moderate results. The whole brain quadrant A (blue) had the highest results which confirmed the Job competence and technical know-how.

I am an engineer by professional and hence so mathematical by nature of my Job. C. The ways of improving leadership effectiveness include From the Managerial competence, the percentage was 50% which implies there is more to be done in the area hence need to improve as a leader by learning to be a leader who should move from stability to change and Crisis Management (Daft 2008, p. 8). The whole competence analysis had varying percentages, Leadership effectiveness can be improved by becoming a learning leader thus “a leader who is open to learning and change and encourages the growth and development of thers” (Daft 2008, p. 2). Need to improve on intellectual competences by getting the big picture, a leader who is up to date with what is happening in the core area of business.

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