Leadership Studies

10 October 2016

Leadership and management are two frequent terms used in operating any successful organization. This concept is especially true in non profit organizations, which focus is on doing more with less resources or funds have been a rule for years. Understanding leaderships roles vs management styles will assist defining,delineating and cultivating those whom are followers of these leadership roles. It is appropriate to identify what a leader is vs a manager. Leadership or leader refers to someone whom guides and or influences others towards success and even at times failure.

A manger and or management refers to directing and at times administrating. Both have defined meanings and support the validity of leadership roles and characteristics. The following assignment will identify two case studies :Coach Knight ” A will to win” and Coach K, A matter of the heart. The following information will be discussed; leadership perspectives that both coaches portray, power based structure that both coaches rely on and whose actions are more aligned with leadership role.

Also to be discussed, how significant we’re the coaches traits towards influencing the leadership styles? The five factor personality model will be reviewed and the agreement between the traits will be discussed. Finally, the coaches styles will be explained. First of all, Coach Knight: “The will to win” seems to be an overwhelming situation. Of course Coach Knight was a leader, he lead his basketball team to many victories. The question is the type of leader he was and the personality traits he portrays.

Coach Knight also became famous because of his stern leadership styles, but again how effective was his style or waist just plain demeaning? Coach Knight seemed to be more of a manager,directing and adminstering his team instead of guiding and inspiring them with positive reinforcement. The case study states his coaching style became highly favored/valued and he was given complete control over the entire basketball program. Even though, he had remarkable achievements, Coach Knight tended to be over passionate and demanding with his leadership styles.

Coach Knight portrayed a power based style of leadership, he was stern, demanding and even controlling which lead his team to victory as well as caused controversy because of his hard core style of leadership. The question that lays was, was this the best style of leadership even if it lead his team to victory? Obvisiously, not because This style lead to anger and assumably Coach Knight physically abusing one of his players and the end to him being the Head Coach of the basketball team.

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