Leadership Workshop

5 May 2018

It involves establishing a clear vision and sharing it with others so that they will follow willingly. The leader will provide the information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision and at the same time will coordinate and balance the conflicting interests of all members involved. Unlike management, leadership cannot be taught, although it may be learned and enhanced through coaching or mentoring.

Chain Management leader Leadership is so broad that it encompasses many traits and characteristics but in my opinion I would highlight the 5 main points to achieve Leadership inSupply Chain Management: Empathetic Ethical Good listener Passionate Visionary’ Being empathetic is a very important characteristic of a good leader and is defined as something that determines the ability to understand one or more persons in any situation, whether professional, social, family etc. One of the most important qualities of empathy is the ability to listen without judgment and thus know and understand the needs of the other person, in other words to be in the shoes of the person you are talking to.This characteristic certainly helps the human being to strengthen relationships ND resolve any difference, as well as also help resolve any problem or simply to advise and direct efficiently. Ethics is defined as an essential characteristic in which it applies and develops all moral principles, also implies sincerity, honesty and love for oneself. It is a powerful tool in leadership because it always wins the respect of society, and generates consistency and freedom to the person who possesses it.The ethics leads us to the conclusion that what really matters is not the work or the specific action but the intention With which it IS done. Good Listener Listener is the person who has the ability to concentrate fully in a conversation in order to decipher easily what the other person wants to communicate.

Leadership Workshop Essay Example

One way to achieve this is that the listener giving feedback in the form of a paraphrased rendition of what has been said by the other party for their confirmation.A listener tends to increase and strengthen the knowledge and thus grow in all aspects, in addition to improve communication skills and concentration. Another important aspect of a good listener is regularly responds according to what the other person is interested, that is answered correctly. Generally a good listener is a good communicator. The word passion, as defined by the dictionary, is defined as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, which means that, is the underlying force that fuels our strongest emotions. It fills us with energy and excitement and it heightens our performance.When passion is in force, we are carried away in our experience, losing track of time and effort, and performing difficult tasks almost without effort.

Leaders with such passion gladly work countless hours, work against all Odds and obstacles and successfully use their passion to achieve their overall objectives. So before you can inspire and lead others, you must be passionate about your own work. Visionary Visionary is a person who has the ability to clearly see a plan or goal for wanting to fight and he knows that will give added value to his life, the people around him and the world in general.The visionary has a decision and desire to begin their journey as soon as possible because he knows that time is important. One of the most important challenges of the visionary is to define and find the resources needed to achieve the goal, certainly there is time to analyze, as there is a time to make decisions and take action, but somewhere there must be a time for you dare to challenge your current reality, and be able to imagine what today seems difficult to achieve from your current resources and knowledge.Self Rating on the Five Characteristics Most Important Leadership Characteristics for Aledo Guttering Leaders IP Trait 2 3 5 ; Empathetic ; Ethical ; Good listener ; Passionate ; Visionary Five-Point Scale: A great deal of improvement needed Substantial improvement needed Moderate improvement still needed A little more improvement needed No improvement needed Improvement plan for One Leadership Characteristic want to improve and work on being a Visionary.After reading some books, articles, and researchers, attending seminars and taking to people I found out that whether want to be an authentic leader I have to change my life, my way to act, my way to think and so on.

In order to do that I started the process sometime ago being willing to change anything in my life, so now it is time to jump to the next step which is to be a visionary. I picked this characteristic because is one of the greatest challenges for me, and also cause I think is one of the most important ability to be developed as a leader.In other words want to be a leader to be more productive, effective and efficient in my life, and contribute and collaborate with my leadership any. Veered I am. My plan to achieve this characteristic is to read more about it, take some courses and seminars relating to, ask questions and observe leaders at work and anywhere even on TV in order to emulate things from them, but most importantly practice, practice and practice everything I will be learning (Be able to experiment, try new things, and take care to nurture my imagination) on this topic.For example, I will check out the program TED talk entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” by Simon Sink. It will help me clarify my leadership vision.

Another resource is the book “Creative dervish: Skills That Drive Change” by Gerard Puccini. This book covers 7 thinking skills (including visionary). This book will help me put “visionary thinking” into context as well as develop the supporting skills to bring my vision to fruition. I do not think I can be a visionary to 100% in 1, 2, 10 or 20 years from now, because I think can improve on this field for the rest of my fife, but I want to see much improvement in a year.I will hang in there despite any obstacle and work very hard to accomplish it ASAP. One of my favorite visionaries is Walt Disney who was so persistent in his dream. As my mentor have an opportunity to learn many things from him, for instance how he persevered when things were not working out.

He is an inspiration to me to persevere in my goals. My leader profile is very broad but this summarizes my view of one. A strong leader inspires team with their vision of what should happen and supply the main goal, but allow members to choose their own way of reaching it.

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