Learn to Play Guitar

5 May 2017

On Learning to Play Guitar If you decide you want to play guitar, there are a surprising number of strange obstacles in your way. I hear from a lot of people who say “l am going to get guitar lessons for my kid” without realizing what a thorny and complex thing it is. Piano or fiddle lessons are kind of routine. Untold numbers of people are blaming themselves for not getting going or losing interest in their guitar lessons, when what they were being taught was not at all appropriate for what they wanted or needed. It’s hard to believe that there are absolutely no rules, regulations or anything.

Anybody can call themselves a guitar teacher, and they can teach anything they want. They might read music and try to teach you to read music, and they might not. They might sing and they might not. It’s all over the map. And yet guitar is the most common instrument, and chances are there is someone within a mile of you who could teach everything you need to learn, if you could only locate them. I am writing this in hopes that someone will read it and be able to better circumvent these obstacles, and perhaps better find their own place in the world of music more quickly and pleasantly.

Learn to Play Guitar Essay Example

I have never seen anything in print that tried to describe how confusing the “l want to learn guitar” problem really is. Anybody can learn to bang out a few chords and have a good time playing some recreational guitar playing some sort of music that inetrests them. As a lifelong musician, I am quite surprised and downright annoyed by how much of the web sites and books and videos out there about how to learn to play guitar are Just plain bogus, and fueled by some combination of ignorance, greed, or fantasy.

It would be hard for you the beginner to say “This seems bogus… ” but I know etter and I will say it for you. There are almost no voices I hear telling it like it really is, which is about how real people have always managed and still do learn to play guitar and enrich their lives without “formal training” of any kind. So please take a few minutes and read this, then go and try to find a book or a teacher or whatever you decide you ought to do. Think of learning guitar as the old-fashioned apprentice system, and don’t get into the “school” or “lessons” mindset.

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