Learning and Development

There are many ways a child practitioner can observe and record children and young peoples developments. Photographs are a great way to capture a child’s development, by regularly taking pictures of the children doing activities you will be able to build up a great record of their development. Post It Notes come in useful when recording a child’s evelopment as you can write down what the child has done quickly on a post it note and come back to it later to expand on the note and add it to the child’s learning story (a folder of their work and development, with examples of their work, pictures and notes on their development). A check list is used to focus on a particular aspect of the child’s development, this is used to see what a child can do, and is tick off when a child performs this in front of a child practitioner.

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Task A iii) In my childcare centre if a practitioner has any concerns about a child or young person’s development during an observation, they would then go to speak to their floor manger about my concerns, my floor manger would then speak to the manger of the nursery, who would then allow for more in-depth observations to take place over a few sessions, when accessing children, practitioners will highlight area’s that may need improving and bring this into planning an activity.

If after these observations concerns are still there and more noticeable problems are seen, we would then ask the parent or carers of the child to come into the setting and explain what we have noticed and what could be done to help their child and their development, all development records of this child would be shown to the child carers and we would ask for permission to contact a support group for child with development issues.

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