Learning Chinese and Learning English

7 July 2016

Learning a new language is a challenge for most people. All over the world, many people can speak two or more languages. There are hundreds of languages among the countries. Chinese is spoken by the largest population; however, English is one of the most popular languages around the world. What are the secrets to learning Chinese and English? This paper is going to discuss the differences and similarities between learning Chinese and English. Firstly, knowing the differences between Chinese and English of basic grammar knowledge can help you to study. Unlike Chinese, English has different tenses, for instance, past, present, and future. The differences of part of speech from Chinese and English is English has different words for in the nouns, verbs, adjectives or adverbs, such as attract, attraction, and attractive.

When you use English you have to make sure to use the tense and part of speech correctly to express your idea. Secondly, the differences between Chinese and English might help to use word pronunciation. In Chinese, each single word will only be one syllable. In addition, many words have the same pronunciation. How do you distinguish words which have the same sound? The answer is by the context and the meaning.

Learning Chinese and Learning English Essay Example

However, English has one or more syllables for each word. To pronounce the word correctly, you need to know how many syllables there are and where the stress is. Finally, understanding the differences between Chinese and English of writing form would give you the idea to write an essay. Writing a Chinese essay is more about emotion and creativity. People who write in Chinese essays usually write them like idyllic stories. However, when writing an English essay you need to have clear logic and more importantly is good organization.

The similarity between learning English and learning Chinese is the process. Learning a language is not as easy as you think. The purpose of learning a language is to communicate with people. If you are learning a language without using it in real life, you will never know how to use it in the right way. Suffering from difficulties of learning a language such as memorizing, pronouncing, and communicating is the process that you must experience. Learning Chinese and learning English are not that same with each other. They have some differences in composing, such as grammar, pronunciation, and writing style. Not only learning Chinese, but also learning English is challenging for people.

Therefore learning a language is the process that you need to face. No matter which one you are going to learn, always remember to not just practice it, but also to use it to communicate with people.

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