Learning English in a Foreign Country Is More Advantageous

1 January 2017

English in a foreign country is more advantageous than learning it in your own country. There is no doubt that knowing English as a second language provides both, professional and personal, enormous advantages. These advantages combined with a more and more competitive and globalized world are making learning English a priority for a lot of people. As a consequence, the number of people studying overseas is increasing by the thought that it is the most advantageous way to do it.

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Learning English in a Foreign Country Is More Advantageous
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This essay will consider arguments against studying abroad; however it will also examine the reasons why studying abroad helps the student to develop a better understand of his own cultural values and biases, to increase his self-confidence and makes the student a more open-minded person. The first huge advantage of learning English in a foreign country is that it makes the person understand better his own values and biases.

Once immersed in a different culture, people need to deal with all the different aspects of it, and unwittingly start to compare everything, since their habits and customs to their greeting and gestures. As a result, everyday it provides a better critical reflection about themselves than any self-help book could provide. Secondly, the opportunity to study abroad takes the student out his comfort zone. It is not a surprise, when 96 percent of students who study abroad have noticed an increase in their self-confidence (The benefits of study abroad n. ).

The fact of facing psychological and linguistic problems and unfamiliar situations provides the adventure student experiences and maturity that increase his self-confidence feeling. The experience of living and studying in other country can also be open-minding. It provides a unique opportunity to know a different culture and people of various backgrounds. It slows down people’s judgments, makes people find a way to learn from every situation and gives a better understanding of the world.

Opponents of studying English overseas may say that the homesickness may be an obstacle to the learning process and that the usually high investments may not worth it. However, the homesickness is just a temporary feeling, most well faced by the students because it only requires a bit of patience. The experience of studying abroad does not only provide the academic skills better than in your own country, but also provides personal and intercultural developments that certainly makes it a worthy experience.

In conclusion, learning English abroad provides the student much more than academic improvement. It also provides a better knowledge of his own values and beliefs, an opportunity to the student to grow his self-confidence and it makes him a more open-minded person. Therefore every person should definitely consider the idea of studying in another country and then be able to enjoy the great benefits of it.

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