English is a very important language. Nowadays, it is recognized as a universal language. Opportunities to travel around the world, to know about other cultures or to get a scholarship to study abroad are some of the advantages of learning English.

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At first, learning English was difficult to me in high school, but when I began to understand it through ICPNA, I realized English is easy if I relate what I learned with my social environment such as my friends, series, movies, books and so on. So, when I look over my life, I notice a big change from before to after learning English.

My first contact with English was in high school, but I consider this phase before learning English because I was not interested in learning English at all. Along my five years studying, I just learn some basics of this language, but I am not able to speak fluently.

Besides, in my two first years of university, I was exposed to English through books, magazines or TV that I couldn’t understand with my poor English language. Moreover, I like to listen to English music in my free time, but I couldn’t understand any phrase of these songs, even I couldn’t sing any word.

Today, I listen to many rock bands, all in English, and I listen every day, sometimes for over seven hours a day. I am constantly aware of my success with English because I can understand the lyrics of the songs I listen to. And that gives me pleasure and satisfaction for many hours every day. In addition, I had to read many science books in English. Some of them were still not available in Spanish.

My knowledge of English allowed me to get in touch with some themes of my career. Without English, I would not have read the books because there are no Spanish translations of them. When I learned English well enough to read science books, I discovered that English is a very important tool for learning science.

To conclude, takinga course of English changed my life in many aspects. On these courses you receive some guide, some help to correct your mistakes,but you have to realize that learning any foreign language depends totally on you.

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If you are really interested on learning English, then you should use eachminute to learn more. Besides, there are many tools to help you. For instance, Internet is one of the most powerful tools if you use it correctly.

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