Learning How to Learn

5 May 2017

Learning How to Learn Ashley McDowell, Vanessa Hanson, and Michael James American Intercontinental University ABSTRACT In this paper, you will see how types of learners are vastly different and yet very similar at their approach to learning. This will also cover how diverse individuals are at learning. It includes examples of approaches and how each learner completes the situation, why it’s important for students to know how they learn, and how a group with diverse learners can work together.

To begin, learning is simply the process in which a person engages in the act of reating knowledge and as you have new concrete experiences you observe and reflect upon them. While in doing so people blend these experiences with existing concepts and in turn begin to form new concepts that they then apply. Throughout your daily life you test these new concepts as you use them in subsequent situations. (AIU Online, 2005) Everyone learns differently and doesn’t approach learning the same way.

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Prime example, in a group of three, two people has the convergers learning style while the other has the assimilator learning style. Convergers and assimilators both have the same thinking, the abstract conceptualization. They are different in several ways. Convergers like doing (active experimentation, hands on), excel in areas such as laboratories, field work, and homework. They like to ask the question, how can I apply this in practice? While assimilators learn by watching (reflective observation), they usually excel in lectures, papers, and analogies.

Assimilators like to ask the question, how does this relate to that? (Betcher & Esichaiku, 2008) After collecting information, doing research, and actively discussing the Kolb learning styles, our group found that it was made up of two of the four styles, Convergers and Assimilators. Although there are many differences in learning styles one thing is for certain. All learning styles fit the learner to optimize their learning. Topics discussed ranged in variety, in a common situation, planning a trip, we saw that the assimilator would begin planning as much in advance as possible.

Where the converger could Just hop on a plane, bus, car etc. nd Just go. Good thing for Assimilators they are likely to receive special discounts for buying tickets in advance, while the convergers may not. Convergers, have a practical approach. One member of our group was tasked with giving a class on countertop installation with the necessary materials and instructions, and five days to prepare. Her knowledge of her learning style was beneficial by eliminating the stress of not knowing if she could obtain all this information and present this class.

Working well alone allowed her to apitalize on another trait associated with the Converger learning style. By understanding your individual learning style and developing the skills that help you learn in a variety of ways, you make the most of your learning potential. And because choose better courses of action( mindtools LTD, 1995-2010) allowing you to be able to work effectively in groups and teams. In understanding that other people can have quite different learning preferences, you can learn to communicate your message effectively in a way that many more people understand.

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