Learning More Bout Me

3 March 2019

Who knows truly who they are? I’m Raniyah S. and im a freshman. I attend high school.

Im 13 years old. I have 2 other siblings I am the oldest. My brother is 12 years old and my sister is 2. My family is huge. In the future i would like to be a corrections officer i would also love to have a beautiful family and live in las vegas nevada.

Learning More Bout Me Essay Example

My family means so much to me. The amount of love i have for my family is tough. In my family i have one little brother and one little sister my mom, and my dad. That’s just my intermediate family in my whole family, there’s a lot of us. My family is nowhere near perfect but we come together and make ends meet. Some of my family don’t live very close my grandpa lives in vegas but my parents make sure we see him every summer by traveling. This year, in july we took an airplane for the first time it was very fun and exciting me and my brother was nervous but we concord it. Once we got to las vegas airport it was lots of people. So then me and my brother was looking my grandpa for about 10 minutes.

Being a corrections officer is my dream. Not only my dream but my passion. Since i was younger around 7,8 i’ve been watching a show called “Beyond Scared Straight”. That show has made me second guess being a corrections officer so many times. In my opinion to be a corrections officer you have to be mentally prepared and maybe physically prepared. Another show that i watch is “Beyond bars rookie year”. In that show there dealing with inmates in prison. The inmates think that they could run the new officers that are rookies because they figure that they don’t know anything. If that doesn’t work out then i want to be a pediatrician. I plan on going to college and focusing on pediatrics.

In the future, i would love to have a beautiful family. I want at least 2 kids. My mom always says “ I can’t wait to become a grandparent”. The only time I want to have kids is when i’m stable enough with a working job. I want to live in Las Vegas Nevada. My papa lives there, he’s been living there for a while now. Las Vegas is a gamble city, but i think it’s nice enough there to raise your kids. My parents are now thinking about moving to Vegas in about 3 years. My grandpa has been living in Vegas almost his whole life.

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