Learning Styles Essay

7 July 2016

The process of educating one’s self can be a difficult process. That is if you don’t understand your habits and the way you learn and absorb information. Luckily in these times educators are becoming more understanding to their students learning habits and are able to adapt to a students learning styles to better educate them. Some may not know in what category of learning style that they are, there are online surveys one can take to find out there learning style strengths. I myself have just taken a survey and my results are as follows; Visual: 7 Aural: 9 Read/Write: 4 Kinesthetic: 9. Pretty much what this means is that I am good at listening and hands on learner.

The survey also provided learning strategies to better help me. I scored strong on the Aural side (Auditory) strategies that were recommended are, Step 1: INTAKE: attend class discussions and tutorials, discuss topics with others and your teachers, explain new ideas to other people, use a tape recorder, pretty much any method that is easier for you to “intake” the information.

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Step 2: “SWOT” which means study without tears, convert your notes into a smaller package, as an Aural learner it would be key study with another aural learner like yourself, also have your partner listen to your understanding of the material discussed, and reading your summarized notes aloud to yourself is also key. Step 3: Output, which is how you will use this information on your tests, assignments and examinations. Imagine talking with the examiner or speaking the answers aloud and writing them down, listen to your voice and write it down, spending your time in a quiet place is also helpful in recalling the information.

I also scored strong on the kinesthetic part of the survey, which is someone who needs to experience something to learn from it, or you need to be able to relate to it, something real, or an easy way to remember it is a hands on person. Studying for every learning style uses the same three step process I discussed in paragraph 2 “INTAKE, SWOT, OUTPUT”. The only thing that is different is the way you approach the steps for your particular learning styles.

Another thing I would like to point out is that just because you score weak
on 1 or 2 learning styles it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, it just means that you INTAKE and OUTPUT information differently than others do. Although there are some people who score equally on multiple styles, they are called Multimodal. It’s very common to score on more than one, take me for example I scored a 9 on both Aural and kinesthetic therefor I would be referred to as an Aural/kinesthetic (AK) or an (VAK) visual aural kinesthetic learner.

Throughout high school I was not very good at read and writing at all, it was my weakness. As a matter of fact I had severe speech impairment from kindergarten all the way through 9th grade and had to be put in speech class as result. In speech class I learned different techniques to intake information and not to let my problem get me down, and in using the same learning styles I eventually overcame my speech problem. Till this day I am still a visual/kinesthetic person and I will continue to use the same techniques to get me though my obstacles.

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