Leave It to Beaver

5 May 2017

“Leave it to beaver” A solid family is defined as a group of people who are there for one another through all of life’s trials and tribulations. They are the group of people that a son, daughter, mother or father can feel safe to coming home at night. A solid family is united as one and respects one another. In America it is starting to become rare to find a good solid American family. In the year 1980, 77% of children under the age of 18 were living in a two parent household.

In the year 2005 an estimated 67% of children under the age of 18 were living in the household. In a span of twenty-five years the percentage of a good solid family household decreased. It is important nowadays to have a good solid foundation where you grow up because it defines you as a person. A solid family can be defined through the influence of the parents, their faith, their surroundings with peers and the openness and willingness to be loved for who they are. Influence from the parents is the main foundation of a solid family.

Leave It to Beaver Essay Example

When a child notices that the mother and father are treating one another with respect then they ill want to react the same way towards their siblings and even their aunts, uncles and grandparents. The young child will say “please” and “thank you” and “Sir” and “Ma’am” when they are being talked to. They will hold their parents in a much greater light when they show the respect to them. Parents also have to show their children respect. Nowadays statistics show that most teens who get into trouble often times have trouble in their own homes that they are brought up in.

When fghting, violence, verbal abuse and physical abuse are all present in the parents’ relationship towards heir children these are factors of why they want to breakout and escape the hellish life that they are living at home. That does not create a solid family but instead a chaotic family that doesn’t have any hope. Parents are the essentials of bringing up a loving individual and they teach the children new things in life. The children should be able to look forward to going up to their parents to seek advice, talk to them openly about life’s issues and be able to have personal conversations.

Another foundation for a good solid family is faith. While many young adults are aced with the questions of “Who am I? ” and “What is my purpose in life? ” They should be able to go to their parents and ask them the questions without any hesitation. Everyone believes in a greater power and many families who believe in something commonly most often have great relationships. Having faith allows you to believe that building relationships is the everlasting answer. Building spiritual bond between individuals is the utmost important factor in keeping a family alive.

You learn that the most important relationships in life that you come across is your elationship with the higher power, the relationship between your parents whose faithful and loving marriage will one day be the example that you want to set for your children and the relationships that your parents have allowed you to blossom into with your own siblings. Faith gives people a reason to live and a reason to love. A solid family allows this to be present in their lives to have a long lasting healthy relationship with one another.

They have a common purpose and are brought up good solid family allows the faith to be present in their life each and everyday and llows every aspect in the family to not be ashamed of their family and not be ashamed of the relationships. Your peers and who you surround yourself with are also big foundations in your life. When you come from a good solid family background most of the time you will not fall into peer pressure because of the rules that have already been reinstated at home. Your confidence, your belief and your views on life have a good solid foundation at home that you do not see a point in converting into the outside world.

Being around good company and those who influence you positively also impacts our family at home. When you are around those who love life and do great things you also find yourself converting into the same way. When young adults feel lost it is often due to the fact that they fall into peer pressure and other surroundings and make them start to think that that is what they should be doing. They believe that they should start having sex like their best friend, or they should start smoking and doing drugs like the popular clique group that they want to be like.

They believe that they have to start to do these things because then people will accept them and eople will love them more, because they are lacking that zeal at home. Most people who have a good solid family at home already know that they are loved no matter what. They have a great support system behind them and they know that they do not need to conform to what their friends or their surroundings are digging in to. Lastly, a good solid family allows each other to be exactly who they are. A parent is going to love a child regardless of what theyVe done.

In a solid family they are going to support one another through all of life’s hurdles. They will be there for one another when the going gets rough. A good solid family knows how to communicate with one another. Communication is the main key to having any good relationship. Talking to one another everyday allows people to be open, honest and safe. They know that they can come home without being Judged and without having fear of not being accepted. A good solid family sets the boundaries and rules for how they should react towards every problem. A good solid family is a foundation for a better life.

Having a group of people who ou know you can trust and come home to feeling safe is always a nice heart warming feeling. Most of America does not have the privilege of this feeling. Within the last 25 years we’ve seen a good American family go from perfection to almost down in the dirt. Although it’s rare to find in our time, there is still hope for the next generations to come. Communicate effectively, be honest and open with everything and allow people to live their life but with boundaries. Faith and communication are key factors to having a good solid family.

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