Leaving Home

9 September 2016

Everyone has a place they connected with, a place they never want to leave. Somewhere they feel safe. Making connections with places and things is a part of being human. Leaving those places is sometime the hardest thing we ever do. Leaving Florida was one of those times. Before I was forced back on a plane to my hometown of Nederland CO there were three places I had to say goodbye to: my tree, the bamboo forest, and the ocean. The first place I had to go before my departure was my tree. I had found it on the first day I had been their, a huge tree I found in a park not far from my grandparents’ house.

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I hopped on my bike and rode there almost every day I had been there which was almost a month, and today would be my last visit. I claimed up to the vary top to sit and listen, I listened to the seagulls to the gentle ocean breeze as it tickled my skin. Every thing was always so clear from up there it was like by only sitting up there I accumulated all the answers. The only problem was that all of my problems that needed answers where back home and my tree could not come with. So I’d have to find another way another answer, but for now it was goodbye

Then I went to say goodbye the bamboo forest . Behind the park my tree was in was a small bamboo forest I had deceived one day trying to escape for a relentless rain storm. I had never seen bamboo in real life before and didn’t even know it grew in Florida. it was circle of huge bamboo trees and the center was a spot big enough to lie down a blanket and just watch the leaves fall around me. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. Sadly this would be the last time for a while. I took a small stick off the floor of the forest to remember.

I would never forget that place. It was a sine to me that their where still things to be discovered. The last and final place I had to so painfully let go of that day was by far the hardest and most important, the ocean. Ever since the first time I was introduced to the ocean I have been I love! I loved everything about it : the sand in-between my toes, the smell of the salty breezes, the way the air teased, the majestic crustily blue of the waters the way it glisten in the sun, the tangible pure calm that came with the rolling in of the waves.

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