Led Zeppelin

9 September 2019

In 1969, America was hit hard by a distinctive rock group, Led Zeppelin. This group became one of the most successful rock groups in history, and in my eyes they still are. When their first album was released, “Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin,” it instantly hit number one on the Rock Pop Chart. Such titles as “Good Times, Bad Times,” “DAZED,” “Confused,” and “Communication Break Down” instantly hit Number One. Through the A70s they released mega hits like “Whole Lotta Love,” “Rock n’ Roll,” “The Ocean,” “The Immigrant Song,” “Nobodys Fault but Mine,” and “All of my Love.” You must be saying, “Well, what about AStairway to Heaven’?” “Stairway to Heaven” must be the most popular song ever produced by Led Zeppelin. Between Robert Plant’s voice and Jimmy Page’s guitar, this is my favorite Zeppelin song. People and magazines have said that if you play “Stairway to Heaven” backwards you will hear satanic messages. I personally don’t believe it either. If you are interested in hearing Led Zeppelin, but are confused about which album to buy, I would suggest two possibilities. First, if a CD player is available, purchase your choice on CD. Its sound quality is unbelievable. Second, I would suggest purchasing “Led Zeppelin IV.” It contains such classics as “Black Dog,” “Rock n’ Roll,” and the intriguing “Stairway to Heaven.” This record will surely lure you into one of the most awesome and mystical bands of our time. In 1979, John Bonham (lead drummer) passed away, which led to the group’s breaking up. It was the end of the best rock group ever. I dedicate this story to the late drummer of Led Zeppelin, John Henry Bonham. n

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