Led Zeppelin

10 October 2019

Arguably the greatest band in the historyof the universe, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and John-Paul Jones arethe members of the late ?s/early ?s rock and roll/folk/blues band LedZeppelin. To be able to listen and understand their sound is a privilege: theedgy, stingray, guitar riffs of Jimmy Page, mixed with the erotic drum beats ofJohn Bonham, and the harsh bass lines of John-Paul Jones combine with the loud,screechy, one-of-a-kind vocals of Robert Plant.

Together these stimulateone’s imagination while listening to “Stairway to Heaven,” “WholeLotta Love,” “Going to California,” “Dazed and Confused”and “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You.” No one has ever compared to thesegutsy pioneers from England. To even be mentioned in the same sentence asZeppelin would be a great honor for any musician.

I say they’re gutsybecause these four gentlemen had no idea what to expect when coming to a newland. Boarding a plane, they set off on a journey with no idea of the fortunethat would follow. Success wasn’t immediate, though, people had to adjust totheir new sounds. It didn’t take long for their first album, “LedZeppelin,” to hit the top of the charts.

In almost six yearstogether, the band played over 400 live shows across the country, earning themthe title of the greatest live band of all time. Putting out nine albums in sixyears, the guys knew what their fans wanted and they produced. The tragic deathof drummer John Bonham was supposedly the cause of the band’s break-up.

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