Led Zeppelin: The British Rock Band

3 March 2018

This was just the beginning of their rocks lives. During the early ass’s this band was at the peak of their success. They became very rich and did crazy things like trash the hotels they stayed in while on tour(dilemma Led Zeppelin: The real monsters of rock). Led Zeppelin’s fourth album was released in 1971 and had no name to it, but is one the best selling albums ever. It sold over 23 million copies in just the US, even though the band is also very popular and originated in the LIKE (Rockwell. Com Led Zeppelin Biography).

In 1 980, something horrible happened to the band and its fans.Their rammer John Bonham was found dead by their tour manager and John Paul Jones. He died from asphyxiation from vomit. The band broke up after his death because they agreed it would not be the same without him(ultraconservative. Com Quote after Paragraph three). Unfortunately, he lived the rock star life a little bit too hard. In the dad’s the band sold their music online like the modern day bands and music artists.

In 2007 the band reunited for a concert in London with Bonham son Jason taking his place on the drums. (Rockwell. Com Paragraph eleven). I guess Led Zeppelin will always love the rock star life even at an old ages.

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