Lee Kuan Yew

2 February 2017

First of all , although Lee had high popularity before the election and won the election, he also did some actions after the election. He ordered the ministers to take a series of well-publicised campaigns to clean the streets of the city and clear the beaches of debris. Why? It was because he wanted to keep the high popularity of the party for the long-run of government. It indicates that one time of success may not give the second time.

In our academic work, if we get a good result in the exam, we shouldn’t be lazy after the exam.We should also study harder after the exam in order to maintain or get a better result, just like the experience of Lee. Moreover, for the government minister organized drives to induce the people and involved them in setting higher standards in civic consciousness, general cleanliness and preservation of public property. Through the minister’s cleaning in the street was the short-term action, it raised the awareness of civic participation in long term. It contributed to build up a modern society.As a leader, problems should not be solved in short term only, our goals and ideas should mainly be focused on foreseeable long term. Solving the problems in short term would be short-sighted while the implementation of goals and ideas would contribute to success in long-run.

Lee Kuan Yew Essay Example

Someone in western says that leader should not focus next election only, leader should focus next generation. For example, when we run the club, we should not focus on holding next activity only, we should focus on the goals of whole year and also how the club could be run next year.Our sight should not be short-sighted, it should be long-sighted. In addition, after the election, Lee warned his ministers and parliamentary secretaries who were assigned to help ministers dealing with public complaints not to get drunk on power and not to abuse it. He hoped that the government officer could serve the public sincerely and without any personal interest in order to serve the public selflessly. When we become the senior students, we become the leaders in school or the pillars of society in the future.As the leader in school, such as the chairperson in society, we should spare no pains to serve our students since with great power comes great responsibility.

It is the duty to serve others, not to fill up our own interest. Besides, we should listen to the complaints humbly. When we read the history of world, we usually read that many leaders are arrogant and don’t listen to others. Thus, it brings failure with them.As a result, we should listen to the teammates and others since they are the mirrors of us. It contributes us to improve and serve others in betterments. Just like Lee values the complaints from the public since complaints helps the government to improve.

To sum up, I would say that Lee Kuan Yew is the accountable leader who spares no pains in leading the country. His thought and experience could teach us how we become the leader. This is the end of my presentation. Thank you.

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