Legacy, a Humanely Resourceful Beast

11 November 2018

I am no ordinary child; I am a sleeping beast underneath waiting to wake and change the world as done within this child. I’ve lived a life of honor and morality. I’ve accomplished many things and pursue a career in Human Resources. In which, I brood because of the culture of life’s eerie and dim-witted customs and companies and overlooked regulations. As I tread this road awaiting the right time to create a legacy by positively affect companies. I discover a chronically lethargic physical state, but the mind is far-traveled. In this mind, a voice is irate with its physical condition. A drowsy, heavy-eyed beast that desires slumber after its brain has acquired knowledge. This is how companies are being seen, lethargically feeble.

To believe that you should slumber whilst your brain desires work is a ludicrous stipulation for any entity. Discovering a weary body, may become a route that ensues when the brain commences its deliberation. A slumbering erudite is incongruent, which is like a deplorable conundrum, a leader who is a liaison between unconstitutional adults that hold the unwarranted customs of politics and those who you call peers, which the leader would call insubordinates, who do not condone with the rules and laws of a deficient educational corporation guarded with capitalist views that support team based behavior. Which contradicts the purpose of testing that requires one’s own mind and poses moot inquiries in times of creativity.

Legacy, a Humanely Resourceful Beast Essay Example

Producing low scores is not the outcome of stupidity, it demonstrates the difference between those who are one tracked minded versus those who comprise of immense convoluted inventiveness and are ready to pounce against multitudinous canvases pending their creativity. Leaders do not overseer the humility of their hearts, they follow what they feel is respectable and moral. For belligerence is not to be fooled with, it is the key to a lurid reputation.

It was not legislated that leaders must follow political outlooks. Politics are creating platforms for idiots in society. As the brain works inside this heavy-eyed beast, the aversion to the politics of excuses stating why an individual is out of regulation is a justifiable reason as to why I may be spurned at the notion of injustice, the glibness behind liberty and its misunderstood definition of ‘Freedom.’

Time to catalog the hearts of humility and chart the minds of creativity to watch those intellectually artistic people vehemently announce their presence in this world because it is time for those to transpire a forbearing fact: communion. The virtuous peace and love we all deserve while interlocking our diminished deeds with our over looked lopped sins, for the reason that time has no date; which, to legislate a more palatable and ardent conundrum for those oblivious bastards is essentially right but, with much apathy, is politically wrong.

It is in these very reasons that foundations fail, people are unemployed, overworked, and tired. Management, administration, and superiors who have a title but none of the necessary skills for improvement are causing negative economic landslides. Issues have arisen and superiors are overlooking what needs to be fixed, but this heavy-eyed beast that slumbers whilst his brain works is beginning to become annoyed at the injustices and mistreatment of policy, rules, and under trained superiors that have not any principled sense. This beast has slept long enough and evaluated and analyzed more information than needed. It is time to begin change like the beast has done within himself. This beast has awoken and is ready to be The Humane Resource for more effective, efficient, fluent, and productive companies. Time!

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