7 July 2019

Boyz II Men are exceptional, and I was so engrossed in their music that I purchased “Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection.” Although many of the songs have been around for a while, they still capture my mind the same as when they were first released. The CD begins with “Motownphilly,” which feels out of place as the opener. Any other song would have been better, but it’s followed by the a cappella “It’s So Hard To Say Good-bye To Yesterday” and “In The Still Of The Night.” Then come many powerful ballads about love and heartbreak, like “End Of The Road” and “Water Runs Dry.” “One Sweet Day” features Mariah Carey in a very touching song about reuniting with a lost loved one. This song will make anyone who has gone through a loss cry with its dynamic lyrics. The members of Boyz II Men know how their voices best accentuate each other and use this knowledge to develop some of the best songs of our times. This collection is very compelling and can touch your heart but I recommend this album to everyone, not just romantics.

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