Legal Rights of Black Americans

4 April 2015
A discussion regarding the legal rights of Black Americans from the time they were brought to America as slaves. Specific reference is given to the various laws that were passed during the 19th Century.

In this paper the author discusses the situation of Black Americans and assesses whether the abolishment of slavery has provided any greater protection under the law. The author starts at the beginning of the 19th century and looks at how Blacks were taken into slavery and brought to America. The author moves on to discuss the Missouri Compromise and the discussions that took place regarding ?slave free states?. The author then discusses then various laws that were passed during the 19th century and how the issue of slavery was eventually brought before the nation.

From the paper:

?For a brief period during Reconstruction, many African Americans voted, and some were elected to public office. In the late 1870?s, however, enthusiasm for ensuring black equality waned in both the North and the Republican Party, and by 1877, when federal troops were withdrawn from the South, blacks were left to the power of whites committed to restoring white supremacy.

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