Legalization of Drugs

2 February 2017

What is this world coming to? With many problems raging on, people are starting to get irrational ideas to solve them. Legalizing drugs is a dumb way to come up with a solution, instead of running away or giving up we should face the issue and fight back. Legalizing drugs would just expand the use of drugs and create more problems than what it will fix. Hence is very clear that legalizing drugs would just cause chaos. There is a reason why drugs are illegal. They have many negative effects; these include harm to the body and mind, psychoactive, and addictive effects.

Drugs intoxicate your brain and have damaging impact on the body; some people believe drugs aren’t that harmful but you could die or fry your brain and remain a vegetable just from one use. When you are under the influence of drugs you act in a psychoactive manner which threatens not only uses but non users too. The addictive effects o drugs are what cause all drug related problems. Addiction is a powerful method of destruction. Many people believe that legalizing drugs would bring down the crime rate but what they don’t see is that drugs cause these behaviors, with easier ccess, it is only logical to conclude that there will be an increase of violence.

Legalization of Drugs Essay Example

Whether drug users commit a crime to get money for drugs or because there were on drugs legalization of drugs won’t help since if you think about it none of this would have happened in the first place without drugs. Most violent crimes that happen everywhere are related to drugs, that is why drugs shouldn’t be made more accessible and marketable. Some people believe that drug dealing will eliminate the black market and drug dealing but the truth is that these people are criminals and they will just find a more creative way to survive.

The black market can’t be abolished unless they legalize even the most potent drugs for every one of all races and ages. Many people believe that since tobacco and alcohol are already legal, that maybe drugs won’t be as harmful as those already existing legal drugs. Unfortunately the fact is that some dangerous substances are legal does not mean that all dangerous substances should also be legal; two wrongs don’t make a right. Another issue is that drugs are far more potent and harmful than drinking or smoking, drinking and smoking already causes plenty of deaths a year imagine with drugs how many more death tolls there would be.

Some people also believe that they should tax drugs but the truth is that they would be spending more than what they taxed from the drugs in repairing all the damage caused from drug users. Another issue with legalizing drugs is that it’s simply morally wrong. If drugs were legalized it would encourage people to try them out, it would lower the drug tolerance level especially in youngsters, since they typically try to imitate those around them.

With morality in mind drug laws are also why most people don’t do drugs and cause all these chaos, most people are afraid of the American Legal system, and that keeps most people at bay. In conclusion drugs should not be legalized, we just need to stick together, work together against this drug war and face it rather than throwing in the towel and hope for the best. It has been done before, the suppression of drugs, it can be done again if we put out minds together and enforce.

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