Legalization of Marijuana Paper

10 October 2016

Do any PEDs or pseudoethics enter into my thinking about this issue? Some of the psuedoethics that enter into thinking about this issue I would have to say would be religious beliefs. It came up it the discussion that the Native Americans smoke marijuana at their spiritual and religious ceremony’s. 9. Implications/Consequences of my conclusion.

I truly believe that there wouldn’t be any consequences it the government legalized marijuana. 8. Thought Out Conclusion I personally feel that the America would very much so benefit from the legalization of marijuana. 3. Important Information I need to know to answer these ethical questions. What research needs to be done? Some research that may need to be done before making a decision would probably be research. I think that they should research how marijuana affects the brain and if this is a positive or negative thing.

Legalization of Marijuana Paper Essay Example

I also believe that they should do tests to see how people operate while under the influence of marijuana. 4. What ethical theories & concepts can I use to guide my thinking? Which theory is most important one to apply here? In regard to the use of legalization of marijuana I believe that the ethical relativism theory is the most important concept to apply to this matter. These issues are based on what is normal in ones culture and many societies have different beliefs.

This is especially true in regard to the usage of marijuana, for example the American Indian culture was well known for smoking “ peace pipes” and in todays society in Holland they actually have cafe style places that people can meet specifically to smoke marijuana, similar to a coffee bar, Many years ago marijuana was actually legal in the United States however as noted in the Ethical Relativism Theory minority beliefs can become the code for society and its institutionalized ethical practices. 2. Who are the Stakeholders? Doctors

Cancer victims Anyone with Pain The government 5. How can I re-frame this issue? I can re-frame this issue by looking at this topic at different viewpoints and seeing other options to this. One may think that if marijuana is legalized that it will only be used primarily for recreational use but if they look further into what it can to benefit people that may help change their mind. 6. Main assumptions & can I support these assumptions? I assume that if marijuana is legalized it will only benefit the U. S government and human health.

The way that it will help the government is that we could tax it like we tax food and other goods and this would help out our economy. Also it would help our human health by benefiting those that have sever pain who don’t want to take medication that they could possibly become addicted to. It will also help cancer victims, people with sever migraines and a lot of other different diseases. 1. Define the issue. What are the specific ethical questions that arise from this issue? The ethical question being asked here is should marijuana be legalized?

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