Legalization Of Medicinal Marijuana Essay Research Paper

10 October 2017

Legalization Of Medicinal Marijuana Essay, Research Paper

Legalization Of Medicinal Marijuana Essay Research Paper Essay Example

Legalization of Marijuana

During the Carter, Reagan, and Bush disposals, eight people in the United States were allowed to utilize marihuana for medicative intents under the Compassionate Investigative New Drug plan. However, since the Clinton disposal no new applications have been accepted. Therefore, other patients who need marihuanas to relieve the sickness and loss of appetency associated with the AIDS viruses and malignant neoplastic disease chemotherapy, every bit good as to handle glaucoma, multiple induration, epilepsy, chronic hurting, and other complaints must go on to endure without the usage of marihuana. Is this just?

What could the concluding behind this gratuitous agony perchance be? I thought that one of the intents of authorities was to advance the wellbeing of its persons. Is that non why our state spends one million millions of dollars towards promotions in medical specialty every twelvemonth?

So, why aren? T at that place any FDA approved surveies proving the existent effectivity of marihuana in advancement? If it is proved that marihuana does so assist ease the hurting and agony of these hapless people, so why non let it to be prescribed to assist them. It is illegal to devour any prescription drug non prescribed to you. Which makes all prescription drugs illegal, how is this different from marihuana? Certain it may be hooking, but so can caffeine pills. Certain it may be harmful if person misuses it, but so can Ritalin. I merely do non understand how ordering a drug to assist person could be harmful.

The least the authorities could make is research the topic a little more. Alternatively, they seem to be making the antonym. In 1994, The Assistant Secretary for Health postponed the concluding meeting that would hold decided whether the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services would necessitate government-grown marihuanas to be used in the first medicinal

marihuanas research undertaking in over a decennary. The authorities seems to hold no jobs collaring ill people for utilizing marihuana, stating them that there has non been adequate research to verify its medical benefits. However, they are making nil to help in the surveies.

A little non-profit organisation called MAPS has been working for two old ages to raise money, develop survey protocols, and obtaining the Food and Drug Administrations blessing for the survey of marihuana. Merely one thing holds them back. They have no legal manner of obtaining marihuana, and the authorities will non give it to them.

If a medical missionary in the Rain Forest proclaimed that she had found a new miracle drug to assist ease the hurting of many sick persons, you can vouch that a authorities approved survey would be launched about outright. How is that any different than marihuana?

Why is Clinton so anti-marijuana? & # 8220 ; The Clinton disposal is seemingly so afraid of being associated with the & # 8216 ; M & # 8217 ; word that they are even willing to barricade research that could protract AIDS patients & # 8217 ; lives, & # 8221 ; stated a interpreter for the MAPS organisation. A canvass showed that a humongous sum of 65.5 % of California? s registered electors back up the legalisation of marihuana for medicative intents. Not merely do the citizens support the research, but many Congressmans support it besides.

? I continue to believe that those who can profit from the medical usage of marihuana should be able to acquire the drug when prescribed, ? said U.S. Representative Gary


? I portion your support for the medical usage of government-supplied marihuanas and understand the potency to ease the side effects of many diseases and unwellnesss, including AIDS, ? said U.S. Senator John Glenn.

So, if the Senators, Representatives, and the Citizens are all in support of medicative marihuana research, why is nil being done?

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