Legalize Prostitution

5 May 2017

Legalize Prostitution BY rwl 9680101 Stand-Alone Project, Part A: Select a contemporary legal issue discussed during this course. Select a topic that interests you. Perform the research. Prostitution: Ethics to Legitimize the Business Many people find the ethical considerations of the death penalty to be highly controversial. However, another highly controversial topic is the legalization of prostitution. Considering my knowledge on this subject and talking to average women who aren’t prostitutes, IVe come to the conclusion that prostitution should be legalized.

The courts and the police have more to contend with than two adult eople having consensual sex. Prostitution has a long and interesting history. It’s mentioned in numerous texts and often referred to as the “oldest profession. ” Indeed, it has always been a common way for women to make money, even in biblical times. It wasn’t until Christianity and the Bible condemned prostitution within versus such as Proverbs 23:27-28, “For a prostitute is a deep pit and a wayward wife is a narrow well. Like a bandit she lies in wait, and multiplies the unfaithful among men. Basically, prostitutes were shunned for their corruption of married men as a moral conflict. Historically, it was common to trade women for property, pleasure and used as alliances between countries and kingdoms. A person can be against prostitution all he or she wants to, but the fact remains that prostitution happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. It’s a common act of the sexes where biological needs can out way monetary cost and societal norm ethical barriers.

Legalize Prostitution Essay Example

The business minded culture would call this supply and demand and the blue collar worker would call it an honest days work for an honest days pay. Either way, it’s not that legitimate kingdoms or governments have not recognized prostitution hroughout history, but it appears that they merely renamed and Justified it into something legitimate. History also reminds us that in many ancient cultures, female prostitution was an accepted profession for many women, especially those who could not earn a living any other way – husbands killed in war or died from laboring.

It wasn’t until the church – especially the Christian church – decided that sex was bad and that prostitution became a ‘sordid’ form of employment. Even then, on and off, prostitution and brothels enjoyed varying levels of acceptance in the public eye. Some cities and towns had entire ‘red light districts’ where brothels were, if not welcomed, at least tolerated, so long as the owners and management made their ‘donations’ to the local law enforcement. Thus, while strictly illegal, the proliferation of prostitution enabled police corruption to flourish as well.

The roots of prostitution may be more evolutionary than previously thought stemming from hereditary instincts of our long forgotten ancestry. A study was conducted in University in Singapore which was accepted for publication in the Journal Animal Behavior (Dec, 2007). In his study of the macaque monkeys he discovered that the mount of grooming a male performs on a female prior to a sexual interaction is related to the supply/demand ratio of females per male and males to females at the time of the grooming.

Here’s where that “supply and demand” or “an honest days work for an honest days pay’ philosophy comes into play. Basically, male monkeys – especially lower status ones – have to groom more and longer to get some female action when there are fewer females around. Gumert, analyzed a wild population of long-tailed macaques at TanJung Puting National Park in Indonesia, from 2003 to Dr. Gumert analyzed the long-tailed macaques from 2003 to 2005 located at 005. the TanJung Putting National Park in Indonesia.

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